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Going by the current red trading market, it has come clearly come out that Ethereum Classic (ETC) is the best bet going into the future. On the surface, many investors have been undervaluing the coin until they realized how stable it can get during hard market times.

The beauty of coin is an asset that carries low risks. This has been amplified by the market not once but twice. During crypto-crash earlier in the year, ETC offered the hope investors were looking for in the market. The last few months have seen the market slump and only Ethereum classic price that was not hit hard.

ETC Solo Market Performance

Ethereum classic broke away from Ethereum two years ago and as much as you cannot compare the two by market capitalization, technically ETC is superior to ETH. Initially the coin adoption was law due to the low hype after the fork but the coin is getting the right recognition at the right time. This one reason is holding on to the market very well.

The team behind the ETC project is focusing on the future of the coin. Just like the Ethereum, ETC team is working tirelessly to avoid scalability issues. This is in preparation for the anticipated mainstream adoption. The implementation of their first side-chains, set to be complete by end ofQ3 is what the investors are waiting for.

With major boosts from Zeniex, CoinPayments and a wallet upgrade, this sleeping giant is about to take off. As much as there is no hype around the platform, nothing is going to stop the coin from taking its rightful position among the best top 10 popular coins in the market.

Ethereum Classic Partnerships

When it comes to strategic partnerships, the team is very choosy; it looks to partner with platforms that have a good reputation and particularly, secure ones. This explains why it has recently partnered with Zeniex, a respected exchange based in South Korea.

This partnership will see ETC penetrate the Asian market under a memorandum of understanding already inked between the two. With the growing popularity of the coin in Asia, breaking even is in sight. Through a tweet availed to us through the ETC twitter handle:

Ethereum Classic has also announced a new partnership with a multi-coin wallet provider; CoinPayments. This outfit will support the coin in processing of payments. This is a huge boost for ETC since the partner platform accepts over 450 digital assets and this will increase EC pairing.

Ethereum Classic has been quiet for a while and seems to all out to increase its presence in the market and the parity wallet upgrade appears to be in readiness to the anticipated platform usage. Since the detection of a bug in one of the older versions, the technical team has been able to isolate it hence the need for users to update their software.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Market Price Shifts

The ETC performance has not been rosy but compared to other Altcoins, it performed better in the last one month. The coin achieved a high of $21.71 and a low of $14.09 in the last 30 days at the backdrop of market that is generally trading on the red. The last one week saw the coin trade at a high of $16.44 and a low of $14.74 shedding a marginal 0.55%.

Going by the above figures, the coin stability in the market is still evident despite investors undervaluing it. At the time of writing, the coin is trading at $15.34 according to the CoinMarketCap charts. With the recent partnerships with two major market players, a breakout appears to be forming for the coin.



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