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While the crypto-market is still under siege and most coins and tokens performing dismally, IOST (IOST) remains the alien in the murky waters. Billed the Internet of services, it has seized the opportunity to rise and be counted as a token that can withstand the current market slump.

IOST is ranked 51 by market capitalization and 20 among the best tokens. The popularity of the token is attributed to the real world use product that it offers; a robust platform to launch DApps supported by the IOST native coin. IOST is listed on major exchanges and converting it to a wide range of pairings makes it stand out from the competition.

IOST (IOST) Route to the Digital Money Markets

The token has in the recent weeks made it clear when it comes to route to market strategy; listing on major  digital currency exchanges.  Early June, the coin got listed on ZebPay. Enabling ZebPay application to support the token makes it easier than before to access the wallets the platform supports. IOST token holders can now deposit and withdraw their tokens with ease and speed.

After the release of ZebPay 2.0 application version, more Altcoins have been listed and this is a major boost for IOST. This will drive the IOST token usability north and increase its presence to a wider audience. For a while the coin has been missing in the social media but things are changing.

IOST getting listed on HitBTC has been met with a lot of positivity from the token holders and the community as well. HitBTC is ranked 6th globally according to CoinMarketCap. This is good news for the investor as the newly found collaborator will increase the volumes and add traction to its value whilst making the token available to the masses to increase adoption.

The listing will see IOST paring portfolio increase and this will automatically translate into booting its volumes going forward.

IOST (IOST) KuCoin Trade Competition

In its bid to reposition itself into the market, IOSToken partnered with KuCoin to increase their trade volumes whilst engaging their fans for additional adoptions and trading activities. The competition is already on and is running from June 4 to July 3.

The mechanisms of the competition are straight forward:

During the event, users will be ranked from 1st to 20th based on their IOST trading volume calculated by the formula: 60% buy amount + 40% sell amount. The rewards will be allocated in the following structure:

Ranking                             Amounts

1~10 – 25,000 IOST            25,000 KK

11~20 – 15,000 IOST         15,000 KK

21~50 – 5,000 IOST            5,000 KK

51~100-   2,500 IOST        2,500 KK

101~500 – 1,000 IOST      1,000 KK

501~1000 – 500 IOST       500 KK

The promotion is set to achieve several goals; introduce IOST and trade in ETH/IOST pair. Secondly, only participants who are Know Your Customer (KYC) are eligible to participate. This will create awareness to IOST and KuCoin about the KYC requirements. Upon successful completion of the promo, winners will get their bounty airdropped to their wallets within 10 working days.

IOST (IOST) Market Recap

IOST is among the few Altcoins making a strong comeback in the market currently. At the time of writing, the token was trading at $0.039845 after 3.83% gain against the USD, 2.79% to BTC and 2.28% to ETH. It has been trading on the green for a couple of days and the 24 hour performance appears to be holding for a breakout going forward. However, this might be slowed down by unpredictable performance from the market leader, Bitcoin.

The last 30 day trading window has seen IOST hit a high of 0.075 and a low of $0.035. However, the last seven days has seen the token trade at a high of $0.049 after dropping to a low of $0.038. This might not be a noticeable growth but with the market bleeding, it is a step for any struggling token.



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