Cardano (ADA) has been on the forefront to introduce and integrate blockchain technologies in Africa. IOHK’s development team made a trip to East and North Africa earlier this year to look for the problems and solutions faced in socio-political and economic development in the continent. The trip started off in Ethiopia where an MOU was signed with the Ministry of Trade and agriculture. Next stop was in Kigali, Rwanda for the Transform Africa Summit 2018 and finally the team visited Tunisia.

In this article we dissect the influence Charles and his team members have had in these countries and how it will boost the overall international trade in Africa and other developing regions.

IOHK signs Memorandum of Understanding with Ministry of Agriculture in Ethiopia

The MOU signed by IOHK and the Ministry of agriculture in Ethiopia will see 30 young developers from the country train and learn Haskell programming language. The most exceptional programmers will get a chance to join the IOHK development team to

Ethiopia’s impressive economic growth in the past decade is one of the factors that led Cardano to focus on the country. A partnership in the agriculture industry is a win for both parties as Cardano will gain adoption in the region as the Ethiopian government leverages on the cheap, secure and fast mode of record keeping.

The trained developers will help build the blockchain agriculture applications Cardano are exploring in partnership with the government. Over 80 million Ethiopian citizen are in the agriculture industry with coffee topping the export value chart. The vast agricultural supply chain in the country needs to be placed in a trustless system to increase efficiency in revenue collection.

Ethiopia also ranked second in Africa in FDI flows at $3.6 billion USD, according to UNACTAD World Investment Report 2017. This shows the increasing faith the world community at large has in the East African country.

Cardano at the Transform Africa Summit in Rwanda

Cardano (ADA) team later headed to Kigali, Rwanda for the 2018 Transform Africa Summit. Charles Honkinson, founder of Cardano, offered a talk on how to accelerate Africa’s single digital market. The summit aimed to bring together global and regional leaders from government, business and international organizations to collaborate on new ways of shaping, accelerating and sustaining Africa’s digital revolution. Blockchain was a key focus for the conference organizers, and we were honored to have been invited and recognized for the efforts we are beginning to make in the region.

Rwanda is hailed as one of the most innovative countries in East Africa even with its small population size compared to its neighbors. The country is increasingly focusing on transparency in its systems and Cardano is ready to focus on the country to integrate blockchain technologies.


The article has focused on the developments Cardano (ADA) has had in various parts of Africa. The East of Africa is the technological hub of Sub-Saharan region and the developments will spread quickly across the area. Kenya will definitely be the next country to witness IOHK in the ranks after Charles confirmed on his Twitter. The country is impressive in its economic growth and technological developments as Nairobi leads Africa in the number of tech startups in major cities.


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