The future of decentralization appears to be taking shape. With the recent TRON (TRX) and BitTorrent merger becoming the latest buy-off that is set not only to popularize TRON but disrupt the “torrenting” industry. This is a timely move that comes at a time when TRON is launching its independent blockchain.

When the acquisition news went viral, questions are emerging on what value BitTorrent is bringing to the young blockchain. Although Just Sun is still mum on the BitTorrent Inc. acquisition, there is a lot of speculation that this could be the founder’s way of creating hype around the token to gain more traction. Below are some positives to expect from the TRON BitTorrent merger.

Justin Sun Silence on TRON and BitTorrent Merger

The founder is known to turn to the media and in particular, twitter to make announcements but this time round had not hinted on what the acquisition means to TRON (TRX) and its future after launching the MainNet. With the purchase process still being finalized, an official announcement is eagerly awaited.

TRON however has been benefiting during the months of May and June despite the market downturn. The growing investor interest has been taken a notch higher with the addition of BitTorrent to the decentralized system

Whether BitTorrent will be integrated on the TRON network or will run as a separate entity there is a huge opportunity between digital coin and the torrenting sector and a merger will solidify TRON in the market. A peer-to-peer file sharing globally has been wanting and TRON is the right fit to create an environment where sharing is not controlled by a central authority.

TRON Benefits from BitTorrent

The difference between TRON and other coins like Bitcoin and Ripple is very clear; it facilitates other applications to ride on its ecosystem. The vision of the platform that is fueled by the TRX token is to become the natural entertainment choice outfit a goal that cannot be realized without acquisition of a market leader like BitTorrent.

TRON has the capacity to handle mass adoption and can handle multi-disciplinary on boarding. With the purchase of the torrenting outfit, the token will benefit from the booming music, film and gaming industry. BitTorrent has been in the market long enough and this is a boost for TRON.

TRON TRX BitTorrent merger means increase revenue sources; an area where the token has failed to increase its token value. This will not only make entertainment industry competitive, it will spill over to streamline the digital advertising sector and bring the advertising monotony to an end.

If BitTorrent is integrated into the TRON MainNet, content creator will have unlimited opportunities through the pay-as-you go model where they also get rewarded for their participation. Through this model, TRX will be the main payment medium in all affiliate entertainment outlets and this will spur the TRX price growth.

BitTorrent and TRON MainNet Timing

The buying off of BitTorrent means it will become the first application to be used on blockchain real world. This will help popularize the network and give the largest torrent service provider uTorrent a run for its money. Coming during TRON (TRX) transition period means it will repurpose the network once the new platform goes live.

This is a clear message to the investor, TRX fans and enthusiast that TRON is taking up the space that has been a preserve for select players in the industry. This will make it the most sought after platform where users can share and collaborate in a decentralized environment.

TRON (TRX) Price Check

TRX is predicted to hit a high of $3.50 by end of the year and $15 towards the end of 2019. However, this might be interrupted by the current slump; TRON has been working tirelessly to ensure the price traction remains on course. With the booming entertainment industry and the buying off of BitTorrent, the future of TRX is bright.

At the time of reporting, the Tron (TRX) token is trading at $0.043145 after shedding off 0.13% to the dollar and 0.89% to BTC. This makes the fourth 10 top cryptocurrency to trade in the red in the last 24 hours. However it has shown marginal gains compared to last weeks performance and this is set to change towards the end of June,


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