As the crypto price continues to decline, it is all not lost going by the current performance by select coins. The week ahead looks promising for VeChain (VEN) as the project appears to be defying the odds and shunning the downtrend. The coins spike from the weekend seems to hold marginally.

The success of VeChain has never been debatable and has already embarked on disrupting the industry in a big way. This has increased its popularity and value just days before it makes a transition from VEN to VET. Investors are coming onboard than never before with more partnerships emerging.

VeChain (VEN) Dash to VeChain Thor (VET)

The transition from VeChain to VeChain Thor appears to be adding more sparkle to the coin value. Trust and confidence is setting in and the future of the network has been getting more support from strategic partners. The transition will lead to a breakout that will determine the direction the price takes.

Two days ago the VEN/USD pair magical performance saw the coin gain 8% to surge past the $3 mark to trade at $3.21. With majority of coins trading in the green for the last 24 hours, VEN is gaining against both USD and BTC however subtly. The coin is poised to build on the momentum given its current market resilience.

The coin has been on the rise on the volume front recording an intraday trading average of $106 for last three trading days. This is another sign that interest is creeping back and more investors are staking on the coin. With increased negative cryptocurrency publicity, the coin momentum has seen more adorers jumping in.

VeChain Partnership Boost

The last few days has seen VeChain (VEN) ink a partnership with DB Schenker. The deal will see the logistics market leader bring onboard the more than 682,000 experts in the market that spans across the globe in over 2,000 locations. This is a huge boost for a network that prides itself of interrupting the supply chain management sector in the near future.

Making the announcement the DB Schenker Chairman Jocheng Thewes said:

“Our strategy for 2020 includes all dimensions of acting sustainably and successfully. By challenging the status qou in the logistics industry, we strive towards economic, social, and environmental harmony in logistics and supply chain management. By 2020 we will be the leading integrated transportation and logistics provider.”

VeChain has announced a partnership deal with Safe Haven aimed at streamlining the digital legacies just days before the VeChain transition. Safe Haven provides in the inheritance sector and helps in distribution of assets and control across the globe and this is a big plus for VeChain.

While confirming the deal, a statement from VeChain says:

“After reviewing their company’s technology, network, and background we see true value added to our platform by working together in partnership. This partnership will allow users access a host of necessary solutions foe continuity.”

VeChain immutable technology will help Safe Haven users access the security they deserve in matters legacy:

“Safe haven resolves the question that everyone should be considering: how would your loved ones and partners gain proper access to your digital legacy when you are gone?”

VeChain Market Recap ahead of VeChain Thor

The increased interest on VeChain (VEN) has seen the coin trade in the green for the last three days. The continuing spike has seen VEN trade at $3.22 in the last 24 hours and has gained 5.64% against the dollar, 1.89% to BTC and 1.71% to ETH.

At the moment, VeChain is a better investment choice compared to most major coins. As a smart trader in the current digital con market, opting for VEN which has had a solid performance this year tomato. The platform is still perfecting itself for increased traction and value addition and is one of the best coins so far to watch after it shifts to a new blockchain.


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