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The crypto arena has been fast evolving with partnerships taking over the industry in 2018. Verge (XVG) is among the luckiest crypto coins having partnered with the most popular adult site ‘Pornhub’ just recently. However, crypto analysts with a keen eye on XVG’s value argue that the price effect of this milestone is yet to reflect in the current market price.

Another player that has taken interest in the XVG project is TokenGaming. This platform is focused with online gaming and hopeful that blockchain technology will improve its efficiency. Just the other day, TokenGaming launched a customized gaming management platform which plans to include XVG in its infrastructure soon and shared this on twitter,

“BUILD YOUR OWN CASINO Fully featured custom built gaming management platform with the top titles from a wide spectrum of betting software developers. TPAY and XVG payment integration coming soon with the TokenPay Multisignature Transaction Engine LIVE”

The project might be a good stepping stone for the XVG cryptocurrency as crypto gains popularity. This is mainly because the partnership comes with a new market space as well as additional expertise in software for both projects. Its presence is well represented in Latin America increasing the probability of users adopting crypto coins like XVG as they operate on TokenGaming’s platform.

TokenGaming has created a platform that offers a variety of casino games which have become popular all over the world. Also, the protocols used for this development allow for flexibility of models to meet client’s desires as the play the online games. Users can interact with the platform both online and in land based casinos making the platform features quite scalable in usability.

RSKsmart Partnership

Smart contracts have become relevant in most blockchain platforms since the pioneer Ethereum proved their efficiency. It is such sentiments and progresses that have made Verge consider jumping into the bandwagon of cryptos using smart contracts. Verge (XVG) announced an upcoming partnership with RSKsmart in a bid to integrate smart contracts on its network. An announcement on twitter from Justin Vendetta signaled a positive attitude from the XVG team towards the partnership,

 “RSK is the most secure smart contract platform. We will be integrating them directly into Verge Currency.”

RSK prides itself in being the pioneer open source pegging a two-way with BTC. Their long term goal is to have the RSK smart contract integrated into the BTC protocol in addition to rewarding BTC miners through merge-mining. This will give an opportunity to the numerous BTC holders to participate in Smart Contract blockchain technologies. One of the company’s reports indicated RSK’s goal clearly within the crypto arena,

 “RSK goal is to add value and functionality to the Bitcoin ecosystem by enabling smart-contracts, near instant payments and higher-scalability,”

The announcements regarding potential partnerships with the XVG team is great news for the community. Most altcoins are yet to achieve the privacy level demonstrated by Verge (XVG) which makes the coin among favorites for sites that prefer to safeguard confidential. As the crypto space continues to grow, it is likely that XVG will acquire more partnerships despite multiple attacks in the past.


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