Digibyte (DGB)

Nano Coin (NANO) is an infinitely scalable blockchain solution that provides instant transactions at zero fees for free and fast payments for everything in life. Its features make it an ideal option for use as a trading pair with other currencies and peer to peer transactions including those that involve splitting of payments between individuals. The system has also been optimized to enable micro-payments to access rights to digital assets, subscription for content among others. It is also usable for both online and in-store purchases enabling for fast and seamless checkouts.

Nano Node Version 14.0 release

Nano’s renewed price surge began following the platform’s release of its latest update. Nano announced the release of the Nano Node Version 14.0 which was completed with contributions from the network’s community in writing and testing of the code. The node cleans up bootstrap connection and improves block resolution and fork resolution leading to faster syncing. The node also brings reduced memory usage during balance computation and blocks processing and reduces network traffic when processing forks. The Nano wallet has also undergone a number of improvements such as improved wallet action queuing among others.

Sentimental analysis ̶ June 2018

Nano Coin (NANO) blockchain launched a weekly update to keep the market informed on the progress and projects the blockchain is involved in. Users will be able to get this updates every Monday. This week’s update featured an announcement that both android and desktop wallet versions would be released as open source versions within the week allowing for developers to make changes towards improving their functionality.

The platform is still waiting for approval from apple in order to make the iOS version of the wallet available to the market. The Nano community was involved in designing wallets for the platform and it looks to continue involving the community in making the wallet designs sleeker and more functional after they are released.

The ledger Nano S wallet is one of the most popular hardware wallets in the market providing high levels of safety and security for digital currencies and private keys. The Nano blockchain platform is giving away 100 ledger Nano S wallets to its community members for their contributions to the platform through contests, giveaways and rewards.

Numbers on the board

Nano Coin (NANO) has climbed one position to be the 36th largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. It is up 12% since the day begun to trade at a price above USD 3 a unit and a market capitalization that has crossed the USD 400 million mark. The price has been on a consistent upward trend for the past 1 week following a long period of depreciation that saw the coin drop from a market capitalization of USD 4.456 billion on January 3rd to a low of USD 341 million a week ago. The coin has maintained daily trade volumes averaging USD 7 million since the start of the recovery periods. This is quite low compared to the average for the year 2018 which has seen the coin register 24 hour trade volumes averaging USD 35 million.


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