Bluehill accelerator program raises USD 50 million

Bluehill, a blockchain accelerator program has raised USD 50 million towards supporting partnership projects and dApp development on the IOStoken (IOST) ecosystem.  The platform was established to support and facilitate the growing interest in the blockchain and this program will help IOST become more competitive in attracting developers onto its ecosystem. According to Samantha Wang, Bluehill CEO, Bluehill is creating a supportive ecosystem to fast track the development of the most promising projects and to strengthen the entire IOST network.

Bluehill is currently operational in China, Korea and Singapore and steps are underway to finalize its incorporation in the United States and Germany. The funds will be used to provide services such as funding, operations, marketing, human resource, recruitment, advisorship and industry partners to developer teams working on projects and improving the IOST platform. Ultimately, IOST wants to achieve rapid expansion of blockchain technology through the partnerships and projects it supports. Some of the projects that will be receiving Bluehill’s support include Certik, ContentBox, Origo, Rate3, Lamda, Covalent and Plair among others.

Certik is involved in the development of formal verification technology towards improving trust in smart contracts and blockchains. Its systems identify loopholes in open source code and ensure security before smart contracts are released. ContentBox, on the other hand is developing a decentralized digital content ecosystem and it’s looking to improve its security and expand its basic public chain through its partnership with IOStoken (IOST). ContentBox currently has 16 million users and is looking to grow this numbers on the IOST ecosystem. Origo provides privacy protection services for decentralized applications while Rate3 is creating an ecosystem for secure and efficient cross border payments and a simpler infrastructure for trustworthy relationships between merchants and consumers.

Projects getting support from Bluehill specialize in providing a wide range of services including data storage, privacy protection and management, distributed intelligent computing, gaming among others.

IOStoken (IOST) named Best Public Blockchain of the Year

In the just concluded 2018 “Global Blockchain Technology Development Conference” IOStoken (IOST) was announced as the best public blockchain of the year in the technology category. Its CEO, Jimmy Zhong was also named the Best CEO for the year. IOST is a blockchain based decentralized application development platform creating a scalable, fast and efficient ecosystem for the development and deployment of applications of any kind. The platform uses a unique Proof of Believability (POB) consensus mechanism and Efficient Distributed Sharding (EDS) technology in order to achieve scalability.

The Proof of Believability consensus mechanism is a more efficient process for transaction verification with the believability of a node is calculated based on contribution and behaviors. This is in contrast to the more common proof of work consensus mechanism which requires high levels of energy to run.

With a market capitalization of over USD 190 million, IOStoken (IOST) is at position 55 among cryptocurrencies. The token’s price has risen about 8.4% since the start of the day. The price is however a 6% drop from its closing price yesterday bringing the tokens value to a 3 month low.


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