Ethereum Classic (ETC), DASH (DASH), EOS (EOS)

Ethereum Classic (ETC)

The cryptocurrency market is currently on a bearish trend with Bitcoin trading at $6,172. However, Ethereum classic seems to be among the few coins going against the market trend at the moment. This altcoin gained a 5% increase in its price in the past week to trade at $14.97 against the dollar and 0.002425 against BTC right now. ETC has been quite stable in the past month with its price ranging between $15.65 & $14.95 while the max price attained stood at $17.77. This price movement can be justified by ETC’s volatility at 36% for the past 30 days which is relatively low in comparison to most peer coins at the moment.

Market cap is among the attractive features of this crypto, ETC is at position 16 with a $1.5 billion value as of press date. The trading volumes for the ETC coin have ranged between $ 102.39 MM and $ 692.24 MM, with a median of $ 154.14 MM and a 7 day moving average of $ 263.56 MM since late May. Ethereum Classic (ETC) has only been in existence for 2 years but the crypto coin’s price and volume movements have signaled a potential project within this new blockchain arena.

Dash (DASH)

DASH is among the top 20 cryptocurrencies in market cap right now with its value slightly below the $2 billion mark. This coin has not been spared by the recent volume & price downgrade in crypto markets which influenced a drop in its price by 6.73% in the past week. Today, one has to part with $240.25 for one DASH coin although this may not be the case in a few hours given the volatile nature of digital assets.

The past month saw Dash (DASH) price fluctuate between $335.06 and $239.96 ranging its volatility at 22% according to coincheckup. This is quite attractive for a cryptocurrency and can be partly attributed to DASH’s existence in the market for over four years. The trading volume for DASH ranged between $ 49.15 MM and $ 151.52 MM, with a median of $ 71.78 MM and a 7 day moving average of $ 120.11 MM in the past 30 days.


This is the 5th crypto coin in market cap today with a value over the $7 billion mark despite the loss in crypto volume generally. EOS has been bullish in the past 24 hours gaining 8% in its price. However, this has not been the case in the past week since the coin lost over 23% and its recovery remains uncertain after the market signaled a bearish trend. One EOS is exchanging for $7.94 against the dollar right now which is close to the minimum value attained in the past month. From late May 2018, the price range of EOS has been between $12.73 & $ 7.92 with the max/min values at $15.40 & $7.23 respectively.

EOS (EOS) trading volume ranged between $ 428.63 MM and $ 3.12 Bn, with a median of $ 1.46 Bn and a 7 day moving average of $ 1.27 Bn. This crypto coin has existed for only a year but has shown a strong probability of survival although its volatility in the last 30 days stand at a high of 39%.


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