Many cryptocurrency lovers see OX (ZRX) as a unique token which is true. It stands out on its own and you cannot compare it with other digital coins. This is the only token that will let you trade other ERC20 based token with its native token, ZRX. The token came into the limelight a month ago when speculations were rife that it is getting listed on Coinbase.

However the token might be locked out as it appears not to meet the set requirements to be listed on Coinbase or any other exchange based in the US. However, this will not dampen the sleeping giant from stamping its presence in the crypto verse.

Ox (ZRX) Route to the Market

Ox seems to be getting a lot of exposure and this was recently boosted by Bithumb which is not on the SEC limelight. This is a South Korean based exchange and is set to push the token into the Asian market. With many countries imposing bans on exchanges and ICOs, Ox seems to be treading carefully not to rattle the authorities.

In March, token got a boost from Coinbase when the platform announced that was handling ERC20 tokens. This was a good deal given that ZRX offers several ERC20 pairings and this meant increased volumes and additional value to the token.

This move by Coinbase ignited a rumor that ZRX will soon get a not from the prestigious platform; a speculation that never bore any fruits. However, with SEC coming to live, there are hopes that they will give direction and determine which tokens gets to be on Coinbase portfolio.

What makes Ox (ZRX) Tic?

The Ox uniqueness lies in the fact that it is fully decentralized but come with the economic freedom any digital coin or token desires to have. According to the ox developer team, the token meets all the regulation requirements. Coinbase on its part is waiting for a regulatory green light to enable it continue listing more coins and tokens.

Ox stand a very high chance of getting listed on Coinbase however, the token has numerous option to explore if more listings will give the global reach it desperately needs. With other major exchanges not falling under the SEC jurisdiction, the opportunity to grow cannot be underestimated.

Ox (ZRX) Opportunities

Ox (ZRX) is known as the off-chain outfit and comes with various built-in protocols that have created a lot of interest in the market. The platform uses Ethereum ecosystem smart contracts that give you unlimited control over your funds. All transactions are handles in-house and no third parties involved.

The linkage between off-chain and on-chain makes Ox a unique platform. You can create your custom protocol off-chain and link it with on-chains ones for ease of communications and reduced computing power. All the actions are paid using the native ZXR token and are seen a vital tool in decision making compared to mainstream cryptos.

Ox (ZRX) Price Recap

ZRX has been very successful this year and has been growing steadily until the market got the regulations slap. The drawback has pushed many coins to strategize and add value at a time when the investor confidence is at its lowest. However, the coin offers the best value proposition given that ZRX lowly priced at the moment and the price can only go up.

At the time of compiling this report, Ox (ZRX) stands at 33 ranking by market cap and has been trading in the red for the last 24 hours loosing 2.22% to the dollar, 1.525 to BTC and gaining a paltry 213% to the Ether. The ripple effects of the major market slipping in the market appears to have caught up with


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