NEO (NEO) is one of the most promising coins in the category of smart economies. The coin has been making inroads in various industries and its real world use cases are undoubtedly trending in the crypto verse arena. The ecosystem poses a big threat to Ethereum simply because it has changed the user lifestyles in various circles.

By deploying digital identities, NEO has become a global brand and a household name. Over the years, the coin has rebranded itself and it appears it is now set to take its place in the market. NEO takes a lot from Ethereum but does things better and this has given it an edge over Ethereum by virtue of attracting more dApp developers and ICO’s.

Why NEO is Better Ethereum

NEO and Ethereum are both based on blockchain technology and deploy smart contracts. These are what make it possible to create assets digitally. However, NEO is fuelled by two different coins; NEO and GAS with each playing a set role. Smart contracts generated by NEO are spent-enabled and are assets that you can use in outlets where NEO currency is accepted.

NEO (NEO) uses 2.0 smart contracts which give programmers access to less resource intensive interface with fast booting. The platform offers simple languages including C and JavaScript. These are some of the NEO project capabilities drawing a lot of attention across the globe. Here are three NEO based projects you should keep an eye on.

Ontology Riding on NEO

Ontology is a new kind of a crypto-based network seeking to support blockchain based IT projects. One of the features of this new ecosystem is digital identity authentication which has become popular among exchanges to enable KYC processes.

With Ontology, you can easily create and develop business processes that are easy to monitor and maintain in a trusted environment. The growth of the platform has been steady and a lot of enthusiasts have come onboard to support it. As much as it shares a lot of similarities with NEO, Ontology has a dedicated team that has driven it from scratch to where it is today.

DeepBrain on NEO Ecosystem

The DeepBrain Chain runs on the NEO ecosystem and this is designed to disrupt the AI industry by supplying the sector with computing resources. This new market entrant seeks to offer flexibility and affordability in the AI sector. This is a decentralized outfit that safe and secure and you get all the privacy you deserve in any modern cryptocurrency.

NEX is built on NEO

The NEO fraternity takes a lot of pride on the NEX project. This is an exchange that offers buy and sell services but will also be able to handle complex transactions once it graduates from the beta stage. Though it is a centralized outfit, it has the best speeds and security and has been billed as giving advanced services compared to decentralized exchanges. This is a unique exchange that comes with off-chain functionality.

NEO (NEO) Future

With these kinds of high profile projects riding on the NEO ecosystem, you cannot go wrong investing on it. Once these projects take off, it will be a big push for the NEO price and value. This is why many crypto verse fanatics have christened NEO the biggest Ethereum threat; it offers cutting edge functionalities compared to those of the later.

NEO (NEO) has been hit by the market slump and its current price does not reflect its potential. The last 24 hours have seen NEO trade at $31.10 having gained 10.93% against the green buck and a paltry 2.03% against the struggling Bitcoin.  NEO is set for a breakout and this could be sustained up to the end of the year if the market goes back to the stable zones.


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