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If you are still stuck with the traditional banking systems, you are missing out on a lot of opportunities and savings on your hard earned money. Stellar (XLM) has what it takes to ensure that you spend less and access your funds quick. The Stellar network is global and it gives you access to your funds anywhere any time.

Stellar is an open source outfit and is changing the way you interact with your banking service providers. Over the years, the platform has been positioning itself in the financial sector and has become a global brand in asset transactions. Bitfinex and financial institutions have already discovered the gem in XLM and that is why they are supporting it.

Unlike most blockchain based payments systems, Stellar has a host of decentralized servers that are work optimally without issues of downtimes and are updated every second. To meet the ever increasing demand for global payment demands, Stellar uses the consensus protocol that gives it an edge over other market players.

Why the Increased Demand for Stellar (XLM) Services

Using a few pennies to send money to any corner in the world might sound too little as an individual but if you translate this to a big organization, it is a lot of saving that runs into million dollars per year. Secondly, you do not have to wait for days before you get a confirmation of the transaction termination; the confirmation is real time.

The increased uptake from large financial institutions is based on the above facts. With such good terms on the network, adoption has been on the rise during the last one year across the globe and this has impacted positively on the XLM value.

Who is Using Stellar (XLM) Technology?

One of the easiest ways to grow the value of any digital coin is by making it spendable. The more the coin circulates, the more the value it attracts giving the market the liquidity it demands. However, for Stellar, it is more than just circulation; the infrastructure it rides on is what is giving the user confidence and its adoption due to the value proposition it presents to strategic partners.

IBM, a reputable global brand has put its weight behind Stellar and this has been a huge catalyst in value addition to XLM. This is a business deal and it is a win-win scenario between the two. IBM computer technologies are respected world over and putting Stellar under its wings is a big boost for the coin.

IBM dominance in supplying the banking sector with bespoke technologies means XLM is poised for a bigger and better opportunity in the sector. The technology giant has its affiliates and Stellar is poised to benefit from these as well.

IBM appears to have opened the partnership floodgates for other strategic partners like BloomX, the Kin Foundation and SatoshiPay. All these have expanded the XLM horizon catapulting to set the stage to becoming a global payment platform. With this kind of trust and investor confidence, NASDAQ has also thrown its weight behind the blockchain.  The entry into the US stock market means XLM is set for a smooth ride towards actualizing its full potential.

Stellar (XLM) Market Recap

Ranked 8th by market cap, XLM has been hit by the current market instability and has traded in the red for the last 24-hours prior to reporting. However it has not been all gloom for the coin which had been reporting marginal gains and shedding the same over the last 30 days. This state of affairs is spread across the market and XLM has not been spared.

The Stellar XLM price has dipped by 1.11% to the dollar and 0.30% to BTC with a total of $40.1million worth of XLM changing hands in the last 24 hours. The current drop has seen the coin trade at $0.192996 with holders anticipating for a surge in the coming days. However, this will be determined by the market forces which are holding down the major players from a breakout.


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