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The cryptocurrency market seems to be jumping back into the green zone with BTC hitting the above $6500 mark today. Cardano (ADA) is among the top ten crypto coins that have since gained significantly with its price changing by 15% in the last 24 hours. This crypto coin has managed to be an exceptional player within the crypto arena by maintaining a steady market cap position as well as gaining attention from institutions in various jurisdictions.

The latest news in the market about Cardano has signaled a possible high adoption rate of this altcoin in Korea. CoinRoom, a Korean based exchanged recently listed ADA with the trading pair option of the Korean Won. This is the very first time ADA will have the Korean Won as a trading pair making it a significant milestone for the project. Sentiments shared by Ken Kodama, one of the ADA partners indicate the positive reaction the team expects from this listing.

CoinRoom is a good coin exchange platform for Cardano (ADA) to trade against the Korean Won given its solid base in Asia. This coin exchange operates under Upside Inc. which is under MetapsPlus, a well-established crypto based firm. The firm which operates in Korea aims at integrating the fundamental value of crypto coins with the real financial markets. It is barely a year old and currently supports the top two altcoins in market capitalization.

Another player that is making things happen for ADA is EMURGO. This Japan based and registered company is in charge of assisting real world businesses integrate with the ADA blockchain. It is EMURGO that facilitated the listing of Cardano on CoinRoom, a move which is expected to change the dynamics of ADA’s price action in the future due to liquidity prospects.

Cardano & Google Prospects

So far, Cardano is among the altcoins whose value is not correctly priced as is the case with almost 80% of the market right now. However, ADA’s fundamental value has managed to get the coin attention across the globe although the dominance remains in Asia. Charles Hoskinson, Cardano’s creator was recently invited by Google to introduce his project to the employees. This meeting took place at Google’s London offices where Hoskinson also answered questions in relation to the Ouroboros protocol.

The transcript of the session which was later published on the IOHK blog revealed the depth of Economics and tech Hoskinson had dived into while at Google. Cardano’s creator basically explained the project’s prospects in terms of economic and tech viability in this blockchain era.

Charles Hoskinson was pretty optimistic about the future of crypto coins indicating that the world will soon be able to derive a common value from the different decentralized coins. This is in turn expected to ease the exchange of goods and services just like the evolution of money has been taking place,

“And because all the payment systems are now programmable, thanks to you guys and many others, the merchant gets paid whatever the hell the merchant wants to get paid, now. So I can walk over to Starbucks, and I can have my house tokenized, and I can sell it. There’s a market maker that lives in between that, and I sell one-millionth of my home and I can buy that cup of coffee, somebody bought that from me and the merchant gets paid in dollars or pounds.”

It is not yet clear whether Cardano (ADA) and Google will work together in future but the possibility of such a corporation is not a far-fetched thought as it stands.


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