Ripple (XRP)

Today, I came across an interesting tweet about what Navin Gupta, the managing director for Ripple (XRP) in South East Asia and MENA recently said about ripple. According to the tweet, Navin  said that, “Now we don’t approach banks…they approach us.”

This is quite a huge statement, and should have all XRP investors very bullish on ripple. That’s because if ripple has reached a point where it no longer needs to source for clients, then it means that the service it is offering is unaparalled in the market. It is getting to a point where banks are waking up to the reality that the systems they have today are obsolete, when compared to ripple’s cross-border payments capabilities. It also means that banks are increasingly adopting ripple for cross-border payment, as a way to maintain their competitive edge in the industry. In other words, ripple is at the very beginnings of large-scale adoption all across the world. It is about to become the standard for cross-border payments in the banking industry.

As an investor, this is the kind of news that should get you all excited about ripple (XRP). That’s because unlike in the past when ripple was trying to get partners to join them, the game has changed, and ripple now has the upper hand in the banking industry. This leverage will reflect in the valuation of XRP at some point in the near future. It will reflect because of the magnitude of the problem that ripple is solving.  The cross-border payments problem for banks is worth way over $20 trillion, and ripple is the ultimate and unmatched solution for this problem.

By solving this problem, ripple (XRP)’s value could easily be upwards of $300. The only reason why it has not happened is because the technology has largely been in a trial phase, though even this trial phase has been a major success, with over 150 banks already signing up to ripple (XRP). Now that banks are coming in on their own volation, it means the trial phase has been a success, and mass adoption is coming. This mass adoption is what will see the value of XRP shoot up to hundreds of dollars a coin.

This news is also exciting to investors because it sends the message that chances of the U.S might not declare XRP as many are fearing. Let’s face it, corporations do have a sway on governments and regulators. In the case of ripple (XRP), massive adoption by banks in and outside the U.S make it almost impossible for the U.S to take such a drastic move that could adversely affect banking operations. Therefore, for ripple (XRP), leverage over banks is also leverage over regulators all over the world, and it’s good for XRPs long-term value.

This makes ripple (XRP) one of the most undervalued cryptos in the market today. Actually, no other crypto matches ripple (XRP)’s potential at the moment. Missing out on XRP now is regrettable in the long-run.


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