Alphacat ACAT

The price of Alphacat (ACAT) increased by over 100% this Monday, ensuring the token claimed the top position as the highest mover in the previous 24 hours. The coin traded at $0.006121 USD, a monthly high after the recent bounce in the overall cryptocurrency market. ACAT saw its volumes hit the highest levels since the advent of the cryptocurrency with over $19.974 million USD worth of ACAT tokes having been traded on various exchanges during the period. ACAT is currently positioned 307th on the Coinmarketcap listings with a total market capitalization of $14,065,571 USD. The coin has seen various developments on the platform

“Alphacat is a robo-advisor marketplace that is focused on cryptocurrencies, and is powered by artificial intelligence & big data technologies.” –Alphacat official website

Alphacat platform is a blockchain built using the NEO platform is a digitized financial market predictor. The platform is currently in testing using cryptocurrency trading with Bitcoin price action being the main test. So far, the algorithms set on testing have achieved a 63.5% success rate in predicting future price of Bitcoin. The platforms aim is to provide the user with predictive investment tools that will give then a competitive advantage through leveraging patented trading algorithms, big data analytics and advanced artificial intelligence (AI) in the system.

The company currently runs on robo advisors that act as investment advice robots that use AI and big data to make informed decisions to help ordinary investors win in their trades. The platform is set to be released this third quarter of 2018 as announced on their website and whitepaper.

The Alphacat blockchain runs on the ACAT token that allows users to access the overall features on the ACAT Store. The store is a marketplace offering a range of advanced, AI-powered, investment robot advisors. The token is also used to incentivize the developers of the blockchains and community members. Entering Q3 2018 sees a great opportunity for the coin to rise in the coming days as we await the launch of the platform.

It is where investors can use the advantages offered by these various financial tools to gain a competitive edge in the digital market. It is also where experts and developers meet to ever-improve the performance of their tools, and where professional investors can research and evaluate strategies to create an ever growing, self-sustaining marketplace.

The company aims at developing a next- generational platform in the financial technology industry by providing an easily accessible, powerful and almost accurate platform for trading experts and financial novices as well. The development team has also worked on providing advanced financial products and the tools used by professional financial institutions and making them available and accessible to ordinary investors.

Given the upcoming Alphacat platform release in the coming weeks or months together with the overall stable increase in crypto, we may well see the coin hit the $0.01 mark again.


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