The IOTA (MIOTA) trinity wallet is now in public beta, and has around 20,000 users. According to the IOTA team, they have made several advances in removing all bugs from this wallet. Some of the key areas they have worked on so far include the snapshot transition, and the local storage of transaction trytes. The former allows a user to continue a process from the last point of action in case they stop the process halfway. The latter ensures transaction continuity in case the network is interrupted.

While these are huge advancements, the IOTA team still has some things to do, including some work on the Node Quorum. The Node Quorum is basically focused on increasing user confidence in the wallet, by creating a system where the response from different nodes are considered simultaneously.

With all these advances, it is clear that the IOTA trinity wallet will go live in the near future, and it’s a reason enough for IOTA investors to be jubilant about the project.  That’s because it will draw in more investors into IOTA (MIOTA), which in turn will have an impact on the long-term value of IOTA.

The reason for this is because IOTA (MIOTA) is to a large extent a long-term project. The scope of what IOTA looks to accomplish is futuristic. Internet of Things while transformative, is yet to go mass market.  For instance, IOTA has a strong use case in autonomous cars. But while autonomous driverless cars are the future, the technology is still in its infancy. It might take another 5 to 10 years before this technology hits the mass market, and the next car of the road becomes autonomous.

IOTA also has a strong use case in the electric car industry, as a form of payment in charging electric cars. This too is a long-term venture, one that will most likely develop in the next decade or so. At the moment, this technology is slowly taking root in the Nordic countries, and will spread all across the world over time.

The only area where IOTA seems to have a huge utility presently is in manufacturing. That’s why a number of major manufacturing companies are partnering with IOTA. But, even on this front, it is yet to gain mass usage.

All these use cases point to the fact that IOTA is a project for the future, and hence the need for a good wallet, where investors can hold their IOTA, and be comfortable that their coins will be safe for the next 5 to 10 years.  No one wants to hold their money that long, in an exchange or on some shaky wallet, where they can easily lose their coins to hackers.

Therefore, once this wallet is complete and goes lives, IOTA (MIOTA) will see an influx of long-term HODLERs both retail and institutional. Big money flowing into IOTA (MIOTA) with a long-term view could see IOTA (MIOTA) hit triple digit valuations in the next decade. The fundamentals support it.


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