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Ormeus Coin (ORME) is among the latest virtual coins that are asset backed and has been steadily scaling the market and its resilience has captured the attention of many.  The coin captured the attention of many in April during their airdrop prior to its official launch in Bangkok Thailand in April 17. Since the event, the coin has gained mileage in the global market.

One of the reasons the Ormeus coin has been able to break even in a hostile and competitive crypto market is its structure and target audience. The coin offers unique decentralized solutions especially price stability and security in the unpredictable market.

Ormeus Coin (ORME) Price and Volume Recap

The cryptocurrency market prices seem to be on the downtrend and ORME has not been spared by the onslaught. However, the coin has been trading on the green zone with the previous day’s gains diminishing.  At the time of going to press, the ORME coin was trading at $0.773478 after gaining 9.65% against the dollar, 15.43% to Bitcoin and 21.13% to Ether.

CoinBene exchange appears to be the most popular for the ORME holders and has moved 84.53% of the total volumes in the last 24-hour trading session. ORME/BTC is the most popular pair though USDT seems to be coming up strongly against the dollar in most exchanges where the tree pairs are currently being traded.

Ormeus Coin is ranked 381 by market cap and has steadily grown in the last three months and indications are to hit the top 100 by Q2 of 2019. With a market cap of $12.2million, the coin has managed to move $1.22million worth of ORME tokens in the last 24 hours against a total supply of 17million ORME.

What Makes Ormeus coin (ORME) Tic?

One reason why Ormeus is becoming popular and a good coin to invest in is that it is repositioning itself in the market as an industrial grade outfit that has set up various cost effective computing power centers to help in their token mining process. These are air conditioned outlets that are part of the coins diversification strategies to drive price and value of ORME.

These mobile cooled data centers have been generating revenues and a diversification is poised to increase the network business base. Earlier in the year, the mobile centers have been able to rake in$7million in North America alone.

The growth of the coin is based on the token sales and strategically located mining operations. The profits will be spread across the entire ecosystem and a bid to expand the mining operations. More mining rings are earmarked and together with the Ormeus Reserve vault (ORV) will transform the system as a store of value.

Is Ormeus Coin (ORME) Secure?

Ormeus runs on the Ethereum ecosystem and is secured using the same standards. However, with increased vulnerabilities experienced on the mother blockchain in the past, many coins have resorted to moving out to form autonomous blockchains. Ormeus has not shown any indications of seeking its genesis block but it appears it might take the same root in the near future.

Its stability and architecture has however wooed many users and with the continuing adoption, the community will have the final say. With the mobile mining innovation, its popularity is poised to give other smaller mineable tokens a run for their money.


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