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Recently, most news about ripple (XRP) have been about whether it’s a security or not. That’s after a series of lawsuits targeting ripple for misrepresenting XRP. This whole issue seems to be bugging ripple too, as is evident in their tweets. Yesterday, ripple sent out a tweet, explaining the difference between ripple labs and XRP. The tweet read as below,

While this tweet could be just a reminder to investors on the distinction between the two, it can also be taken to mean that ripple (XRP) is increasingly feeling pressured by an imminent SEC decision about its status. Ripple knows that this decision is in the horizon. As such, they want to give as much clarity as possible regarding this issue, in order to minimize the possibility of XRP being declared a security.  The rationale would be that if ripple labs can make it known to as many people as possible about the difference between ripple the company and XRP the crypto, there really would be no reason for the SEC to declare ripple (XRP) a security.

Besides, ripple could be looking to reinforce its defense and quash these cases. Most of them are weak anyway, even from the perspective of someone with no legal background. That’s because the cases are only coming up because the value of XRP has declined, and the litigants have lost money. But the truth is that they didn’t lose money because of investing in XRP specifically, they lost because all cryptos have declined in value.

Anyone who invested in ripple (XRP) in January 2017 is in the same boat as someone who invested in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) or any other crypto in that same period. They have all made and lost fortunes in equal measure. That’s because all cryptos peaked in 2017, and have been on a downward spiral since the beginning of 2018. For someone to purport that they are suing ripple (XRP) because they lost is inaccurate. If ripple (XRP) has been the only crypto dropping in value for reasons related to ripple labs, and the rest of the market were rising, then that would be a different scenario altogether.

This whole issue creates an incredible opportunity for smart money to move into ripple. That’s because before things clear up, XRP will continue trading in a range. There are many investors out there who are holding off from putting their money into XRP, until things clear up.  As such, those who gauge the situation and conclude that chances of ripple being declared a security are minimal stand to gain the most. That’s because they are the people investing now, when the price is depressed.  Once the decision comes out in their favorable, they will benefit immensely as XRP heads to the moon.

Ripple (XRP) could easily outpace its all-time highs within a year. It could end the year at $10 and above. The SEC decision would act as a catalyst to a project that already has some strong fundamentals working in its favor.


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