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With entertainment dApps becoming the center of interest in the blockchain industry, Gifto (GTO) will play a pivotal role in the rewarding of decentralized content developers. Billed the future of content sharing, the emerging coin has hit the market running. This is a unique platform that allows fans to reward their favorite content developers with virtual gifts.

The coin is targeting the 2.2million content consuming audience that keeps growing annually. The platform vision is to become virtual consumer driven economy. Gifto gifts are built on smart contracts and already, the platform is in the process of developing a native wallet with its testing set to commence in weeks time.

Gifto (GTO) Gifting Ecosystem

The Gifto gifting ecosystem, a brainchild of Uplive, is designed in a way that user will be able to send and receive gifts on all affiliate social networks. This will create a self sustaining virtual economy fuel by the native GTO token. Each generated gift will have unique features and will be personalized to add fun in the entire process. The project is still in the beta stage and you can only use GTO to access the platform services.

GTO has been listed on major digital coin exchanges including Binance, OKEx and UpBit to facilitate ease of converting your USD or other cryptocurrencies to buy GTO tokens. The easiest way to access GTO is using either your BTC or ETH. With the increasing interest on the entire gifting concept, Gifto is set to be one of the highest rated revenue generating application in the crypto verse.

Gifto (GTO) Highlights

Gifto is a global gifting app and anyone can onboard and the platform invites enthusiast eager to earn GTO to participate in Giftomon game and earn their first GTO tokens. This is an online game that you can now access through their official website free. The announcement was made through their official twitter handle @gifto_io few hours ago. This is a very interactive live game and you have nothing to lose but get rewarded to participate.

To strengthen its presence in the crypto verse, Gifto has announced a partnership with Individual Content and Skills Token (ICST) in a move to reward content developers. This is a huge boost for musicians and others who share their content skills through ICST.

Making the announcement Ji Guo, the ICST CEO has said:

“Both Gifto and ICST believe in the principle that content is king, and that creators have the right to both ownership and fair compensation. Together we can leverage the opportunities Blockchain offers to revolutionize the content creation space and give back to talented individuals.”

The partnership between Gifto, which allow content developers to send, receive and curate virtual gifts, is a perfect match with ICST.  This will ignite creativity that is worth sharing on FaceBook and other popular social networks and getting rewarded for it.

Gifto (GTO) Market Outlook

The announcements appear to have given the GTO token a boost as this has seen the token price trade in the double digit zones. This boost comes at a time when most digital coins are struggling to hit the trading green light. At the time of filling this report, GTO token price stood at $0.168927 after gains of 12.06% to the dollar and 8.55% to Bitcoin.

Gifto (GTO is ranked 106 by market cap with a circulating supply of 533million GTO. the last 24 hours trading session has seen at total of $43millon worth of GTO change hands the top most popular pairs being GTO/USDT, GTO/BTC and GTO/KRW. OKEx was the highest volume mover during the same period followed closely UpBit at 54% and 31% respectively.


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