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After the partnership with London Football Exchange, LFE earlier in the month, Stellar (XLM) is at it with another partnership involving Tempo. The exchange, Tempo, is known to be building on of the largest payment systems amongst cryptocurrency exchanges. As the partnerships grow however, the price is not moving at the same pace as the cryptocurrency market tries to recover.

No single event can affect the market at this point and it would do investors well to understand the point to avoid entering into losing trading positions. Stellar has been a giant rising with small steps both technologically and investment-wise. The coin very well known for its Stellar decentralized exchange, Stellar DEX, has been rising in terms of partnerships too with the latest acts ready to springboard it further in the long run.

As the reputation (both amongst the public and corporations) grows, we focus on the overall impact it may have on the future goals of the company. Below are reasons why Stellar’s recent partnerships with Tempo and LFE may well see it break into the top five coins/tokens with the largest market capitalization after the World Cup finals.

  1. The Premier League brings a sense of adoption

As the FIFA Men’s World Cup 2018 in Russia comes to a close this Sunday with the showdown between France and Croatia taking place, Stellar will also be on the map of celebrations. Only with a different agenda. The English Premier League, abbreviated as EPL. The partnership between LFE, the exchange trading English football clubs securities, and Stellar will come to life at the start of the new club football season. XLM is set to gain a big boost in its advertising stance as the biggest football league resumes in August.

With an ever increasing fan base to the league, XLM will be introduced to a new market that will be part with LFE. This may well be the right time to purchase the crypto token as experts have predicted this coming season as the biggest to ever be graced in England.

  1. The end of the bearish run late in the year

In the past half a decade, the cryptocurrency market has seen a boost in returns in the last quarter 80% of the time with the exception being 2013. This has heavily been attributed to the bonuses paid during this time of the year being invested in crypto. Technological and financial firms who pay the bonuses during the last quarter have the most interested investors hence the bump.

However, one key issue yet to be addressed or spoken about, is the increase in partnerships between blockchain projects and FinTech firms during this period. Last year, Ripple (XRP) was at the forefront with the partnerships which essentially caused the digital asset to rise far more than any other coin.

With the Tempo partnership, Stellar DEX may well have the same fate as Ripple if the market recovers from the current slump being witnessed.

So as France and Croatia battles it out this Sunday, there will be two winners out there, the FIFA champion and Stellar (XLM). Let’s wait and see.


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