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Today, Emurgo, a part of the Cardano project, sent out a tweet stating that they had been mentioned in one of Japan’s most important evening newspapers. This is a big deal and should excite everyone invested in Cardano (ADA). That’s because Emurgo is all about identifying viable ideas, and helping transform them into commercially viable Dapps and smart contracts on the Cardano blockchain. Therefore, the more people get to know about it, the more developers will move to launch Dapps on the Cardano blockchain. This will in turn, increase the overall use value of the Cardano blockchain.

Platform blockchains are all about the use-value. The more the better. A huge use-case is actually what has put Ethereum (ETH) at the position it is today.  Ethereum has a large number of projects running on it, and is also supported by an equally large number of developers. This is the opportunity that Emurgo offers for Cardano, but with some even better specs, better specs in the sense that Cardano uses the Ouroboros algorithm.  Ouroboros is designed to allow Cardano scale to billions of users, without overloading the network. According to Charles Hoskinson, Ouroboros is meant to enable the network scale as more users come in, making it faster and better as it grows bigger. This is a challenge that many platform blockchains have been unable to solve, and one that gives more leverage to the Ouroboros initiative, and to the whole Cardano ecosystem.

Still on Emurgo, Japan happens to be one of the most innovative countries in the world. Lots of the tech used in the world today, both consumer and commercial, is Japanese. The country is also leading in crypto, having been the first one to accept bitcoin as a currency in 2017. Therefore, with a wider knowledge of Emurgo and what it is all about, Japanese innovators could come up with some world changing Dapps, and run them on the Cardano blockchain, thereby giving more value to Cardano (ADA).

Clearly, Cardano is a crypto on the move. It is not built on hype, but on solid tech, that is being developed to solve todays and emerging global problems. This explains why Charles has been travelling all over the world meeting business and political leaders, as he tries to increase the use case of Cardano .

In essence, the moment Emurgo becomes more popular than it is today, the value of Cardano (ADA) will shoot up too. Emurgo makes Cardano one of the most important blockchains in the market.  One that not only has the capacity to attract developers, but can also facilitate them in changing the world.  There is no comparison between Cardano (ADA), and what’s in the market today. Cardano is simply miles ahead of the rest, with a use case that cuts across all industries.  If Emurgo’s mention by a major Japanese publication spurs things up, Cardano might be headed back to its all-time highs within a few months. It’s time to watch its price action.


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