QTUM (QTUM): The wonders of blockchain comes in all shapes, assuming an omnipotent power to all the problems faced in the internet world and financial dealings. The trustless and permanent nature of this technology gives it an edge above most of the recent compliance systems, the almost instant payment system created to out pass any institution in the remittance and foreign funding payments. All this done on a cheap and public platform that is yet to be matched.

The omnipotent nature of QTUM

“QTUM blockchain (pronounced Quantum) utilizes a Value Transfer Protocol (“VTP”) to achieve the transferring of value from peer to peer and to build up a decentralized application platform, which brings blockchain technology into the financial services, Internet of Things (“IoT”), supply chain management, social media, gaming and other industries.”

Most of the jargon seen on this explanation translates to the ability of QTUM to transfer value from one point to another on its blockchain. Unlike most of the blockchains currently cropping up in the ecosystem which generally offer a payment and settlement alone, QTUM offers ability to transfer any item of value through the blockchain.

The platform combines the security and stability provided on Bitcoin’s network with Ethereum’s smart contract technology system. Notwithstanding, QTUM further solves the slow and expensive nature of transactions on Bitcoin while increasing the scalability lacking on Ethereum. The token is touted as one of the most revolutionary projects available at the moment but the recent price troubles across the crypto world has hindered rapid adoption and ownership of the coin.

QTUM (QTUM) is a coin well-known for its lack of broad media coverage compared to the massive technical developments currently taking place on the blockchain. During the launch in 2017, the team members of the QTUM Foundation showed willingness to make the blockchain the best in the world. This would mean developing the network to have better features and solve the problems affecting its predecessors.

The lack of mass media coverage, compared to coins like Tron and Ripple seems to have given the developers an easy time to fully focus on the project. In no way does this statement disregards marketing but the negativity that comes with mass coverage of your project may well cause problems. With the team focused and the platform running it may be well a matter of time before the blockchain surpasses Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The reports of the coin being added to Coinbase may well turn out to be true as Ethereum Classic gained listing in the recent past. The coin is classified as a payment system hence avoiding the SEC regulations that keep XRP away from being listed on the exchange.


QTUM (QTUM) is currently on a slow slump in the past week as prices dropped by 12.23% to close the day at $7.80. Looking at the daily charts, the coin is on a bullish momentum with a slight 1.73% change in the past 24 hours which places the coin 22nd on the market capitalization rankings.


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