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Digibyte (DGB): Recently, the U.S congress termed digital currencies the future of money. That’s an indicator that the U.S is warming up to the reality of cryptocurrencies as a currency revolution. Other countries too are coming up with laws that are all geared towards creating a favorable environment for crypto. Simply put, everything is shaping up to a future where digital money will dominate over fiat. But, with all the cryptos in the market today, which one stands the best chance of adoption as a global currency?

There are three key factors that will determine whether a crypto will be adopted as a global currency or not. These are decentralization, security and ease of use (cost and other features). On each of these features, Digibyte (DGB) stands as the crypto with the best features for easy adoption as a global currency. Let’s go through each of them to make things clearer.

  1. Decentralization

Sometime back, ripple CEO said something to the effect that no one would ever use Bitcoin as a currency, because it is controlled by China. But the same can be said of ripple, which is mainly American, and many other cryptos out there.  In essence, the crypto that will emerge as a global currency will have to be truly decentralized, so that no single nation can manipulate it for its own end. One crypto that stands out on this front is Digibyte (DGB). Digibyte (DGB) was a global community from the very beginning, and has the longest UTXO blockchain in the market. Its core wallet has been downloaded more than 200k times all across the globe. This makes it a true decentralized cryptocurrency that fits the use-case of a global currency, one that on single entity can lay a claim to.

  1. Security

For a crypto to be adopted as a global currency, it has to be very secure. The global economy cannot be based on a crypto that can be attacked easily. Digibyte is one of the hardest cryptos to hit with a 51% attack. It makes use of 5 different algorithms. This means that even all of bitcoin’s and Litecoin’s mining power cannot successfully attack Digibyte. That’s a perfect crypto that gives confidence to both governments and corporations that it has what it takes, to anchor the global economy on a decentralized infrastructure.

  1. Ease of use

For a crypto to be used as a global currency, it has to be scalable, fast, and cost effective. Otherwise, it would not make sense for it get adopted. These are some of the factors that disqualify bitcoin from adoption as a global currency. It’s costly, and has scaling issues. On its part, Digibyte (DGB) is highly scalable, is extremely cheap to transfer, and also has some of the fastest transaction speeds in crypto. These feature make it one of the best cryptos for adoption at a global level. Very few cryptos can match Digibyte (DGB) on its features, which gives it an edge in the market.


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