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Ethereum Classic (ETC) is one of the most watched cryptos at the moment, thanks to the upcoming Coinbase listing.  But this is not the only factor supporting Ethereum Classic at this point. The fundamentals are good too, with multiple ongoing projects, funded by the Ethereum Classic Cooperative. In the next 6 months, the Ethereum Classic Cooperative is looking to use its surplus cash of $700k to transform ETC. Let’s go through some of the things they intend to achieve in the next 6 months, and how they will impact on the value of ETC.

First, the Ethereum Classic team aims to get more aggressive on marketing, so as to create more awareness about ETC.  Awareness is part of what contributes to the growth of a cryptocurrency because it drives volumes. For a crypto like ETC, which has been in the market for long, aggressive marketing will act as a multiplier to the impact that Coinbase has brought. That’s because it will drive in more investors, who were previously unaware of ETC, and its use value in the decentralized space. Besides, marketing will also play a role in driving in more Dapps developers into ETC, further increasing its value as a platform blockchain.

The Ethereum Classic (ETC) Cooperative also intends to use this money to seek out partnerships with different industries looking to make use of blockchain technology. This is a great investment because it will expand the use-value of Ethereum Classic in different industries. If by any chance the cooperative manages to gain a partnership with a major global corporation, it will open the doors for others to join in, which will boost up the value of ETC. The cooperative’s efforts are well supported by the recent approval of Coinbase to become a broker-dealer. This approval means that players in different industries can now make use of the ETC blockchain to launch ICOs targeted at the lucrative American market.

Another thing that the Ethereum Classic cooperative is looking at in the next 6 months is to complete all existing projects. One interesting project that is currently underway is the push to make Ethereum Classic compatible with the Ethereum blockchain. This is quite interesting given that it could open up Ethereum Classic to the huge Ethereum developer network.

If just a small percentage of Ethereum’s 250k developers were to move their projects to ETC, it would lead to explosion of Dapps on the ETC blockchain, and add to its value in the market. That’s because if there is a large number of Dapps are launched, a few super successful projects would emerge, projects that would put ETC on the map.

Therefore, the $700k surplus that the ETC Cooperative is sitting on, is guaranteed to positively affect the value of Ethereum Classic (ETC). The investments that they are making will not only increase the visibility of ETC to investors, but to developers as well. This coupled with the Coinbase listing could see Ethereum Classic (ETC) emerge as a top performer in 2018.


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