A few days ago, Coinbase announced that they were exploring some coins, one of them being ZCash (ZEC). This idea alone, even if they don’t choose ZCash is a major win for privacy coins. That’s because it means that privacy coins have an element of legitimacy amongst U.S regulators. Coinbase is one of the most legally compliant exchanges in the U.S. As such, the fact that they are considering a privacy coin is a good sign that the future for privacy coins is bright in the U.S.  There was fear amongst privacy coin holders on their future after Japan requested exchanges to delist them, but this fear is now dying down.

One privacy coin that stands to benefit the most thanks to this Coinbase listing issue is Crypticcoin. That’s because it has fundamentals that place it way ahead of most of the privacy coins in the market. One of the key fundamentals of Crypticcoin is that it is implementing the ZeroCash protocol. The ZeroCash protocol ensures that the origin of the transaction, its destination as well as the amount being sent are anonymized.

This makes it a truly anonymous coin, one that will gain a wide user-base in a very short time. That’s because people who use privacy coins do so because they want complete anonymity, otherwise there would be no point in using privacy coins.   Besides, the fact that Crypticcoin has a privacy on and off feature means that it has the capacity to penetrate markets that have an issue with privacy coins, including Japan.

Another factor that gives Crypticcoin the potential to grow is its upcoming crypto education feature. Through this feature, developers and other content creators can play a role in the advancement of privacy coins. Through this education platform, more people will get to know about not just blockchain in general, but also about privacy coins. Of course, the first coin that they will get to know about thanks to this platform is Crypticcoin, thereby adding to its user-base, and its value in the privacy coins market.

The Crypticcoin team is also looking to have Crypticcoin accepted by a major sports team. This would be a huge boost considering that very few privacy coins have achieved such a major reap, of gaining a use case in such a mainstream industry. It will easily propel Crypticcoin to the heights of the privacy coins market.  When you combine this with the fact that Crypticcoin will be using the zerocash protocol in its wallet, which will make it highly profitable to mine, it’s not hard to see why Crypticcoin is about to emerge at the top.

The best part is that for a limited period, you can get yourself some free CrypticCoins. All you have to do is visit the Crypticcoin website and register with your email. The idea behind doing a free coin offering instead of an ICO is to build a truly decentralized community. That’s the whole essence of a privacy coin. Once it hits exchanges, Crypticcoin will be huge, and could easily rank at the same level as Monero (XMR) and ZCash (ZEC).


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