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For some time now, Ripple XRP (XRP) has been hit with lots of negativity, all rotating around the idea that it is centralized. This has been aggravated by the lawsuits against ripple, as well as an impending decision by the SEC with regards to its status as a crypto. This has to some extent affected the price of XRP (XRP), which is now oscillating in a range between $0.42 and $0.48, in spite of the recent rise in the crypto market.

However, a deeper look at XRP (XRP) shows a crypto that is as decentralized as any other. For instance, ripple has added 2 additional validators to their UNL. This brings the total of non-ripple validators to 6, with ripple now having 13. Ripple also plans to continue enlisting more non-ripple validators, which means that over time, XRP (XRP) will be completely independent of Ripple.  But even with these two additional validators alone, ripple now has less than 80% of the XRP validator nodes, which makes XRP (XRP) pretty much decentralized. As a matter of fact, at this point, XRP (XRP) is probably more decentralized than Bitcoin (BTC). That’s because the mining power of Bitcoin is concentrated in the hands of Bitmain, and other Bitmain related entities.

This increased decentralization means that chances of the SEC declaring XRP (XRP) a security, are pretty much minimal at this point. There is absolutely no basis for it.  It is unlikely for XRP (XRP) to be declared a security, when the non-ripple validators at this point have the capacity to decide not to trust ripple, in adherence to the principles of decentralization.  Therefore, it is safe to deduce that the SEC will not declare XRP a security.

But even without the whole validator issue, chances of XRP (XRP) being declared a security are quite minimal. That’s because in spite of the SEC issue becoming more pronounced, a growing number of companies are moving to adopt XRP (XRP). Just the other day, Samsung announced that they will be using a number of cryptos for payments in some European countries. Among the basket of cryptos that they will be using is XRP (XRP).  This goes to show that the world is warming up to the benefits that XRP (XRP) has to offer.

In short, the whole idea that XRP (XRP) is a security is losing steam, and the possibility of the SEC declaring it a security are minimal. As such, once the SEC announces their decision that XRP (XRP) is not a security, there is a good chance that the value of XRP (XRP) will skyrocket.  That’s because with all the institutions working with XRP (XRP), the only thing that is holding it back is the heavy cloud of it being declared a security. With a positive decision, the money flow into Ripple XRP (XRP) will be exponential. XRP (XRP) has the potential to hit a valuation of over $3 a coin within the year. Its constrained price at the moment is nothing but the calm before the storm.


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