VeChain VET

Vertcoin (VTC) is a new crypto verse entrant and borrows a lot from Bitcoin and to an extent, Litecoin. The blockchain is a Litecoin fork and Litecoin is a Bitcoin fork. The only way system stands out of the crowd is the fact that it allows you to be part of its participants by owning a simple working personal computer.

Vertcoin (VTC) has been on the rise for the last 7 days and is creating a lot of interest in the crypto verse. The coin has stolen the show by implementing Stealth Address protocol that will enable you enjoy the benefits of privacy when interacting with their public ledger. This is one of the latest technologies that the outfit prides in.

What does Vertcoin (VTC) stand for?

Vertcoin is a blockchain based ecosystem that is powered by VTC digital coin and seeks to reach the highest level of decentralization.  Unlike Litecoin and Bitcoin that are controlled by mining companies, the network allows its users with a standard PC to get a piece of the pie; you do not have to own ASICS equipment.

The fact that anyone can mine VTC explains why the coin is gaining a lot of traction in the last few days. As a miner on the platform, you are rewarded cryptographically on the secure ecosystem. The project developers have gone a notch further; they have of a notch further beyond the Lighting Network and you have total control over your funds through use of a simple tool, the LitBox which also doubles up as multicurrency safe keep.

Vertcoin (VTC) Listing on Bitsane Exchange

After the announcement that VTC has been listed on the Bitsane exchange, the news appears to have hit the VTC at the time it needed such a boost. The con got listed together with other coins including DogeCoin, NameCoin, Vericoin and PeerCoin as well is tokens such as Augur, Gnosis and Melon.

The added visibility from the European based exchange seems to have added confidence on the coin. Users depositing VTC on the Bitsane are currently not being charged any fee. For the first time, traders on the exchange can now access a VTC/BTC pair. The exchange outfit has been in the forefront of updating its security and increasing its coin and token portfolio.

Bitsane was created in 2016 and has over 236,000 and one reason for its steady growth is because it allows its users to trade crypto-crypto and fiat-crypto. At the moment, Bitsane is working with its sub-project; Anybits that was initially created to trade purely on cryptos.  Once deposits are made on Anybits network, they are transferred to Bitsane.

Vertcoin (VTC) Price Outlook

Since the crypto market started recovering mid-July, many alternative coins and tokens have been very impressive and VTC is one of them. Since hitting a high of the $10 zone in December, the coin has been skydiving ever since to a low of $0.6. The last seven days have seen the coin momentum north get a spike and has been rising steadily ever since.

At press time, the VTC price stood at $1.72 after tremendous gains of 68.92% and 68.68% against the dollar and Bitcoin respectively in a span of 24 hours. Ranked 117 by market cap that stood at $77.6million at the time of reporting, the can has seen a total of $61.3million worth of VTC change hands during the same trading session.


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