IOTA (MIOTA) is no doubt the crypto project of the future, one that stands a good chance to anchor the coming internet of things revolution. This explains why it ranks as a top 10 crypto, even though it’s still a work in progress. Investors understand that some of the problems that IOTA intends to solve are extremely complex and that once it solves them, there will be no turning back.

One key industry that IOTA looks set to disrupt going into the future is the mobility industry. There is no doubt that the future of mobility is in autonomous vehicles. However, for this to happen successfully, the technology involved has to be highly advanced, and able to factor in complex scenarios, including a real-time awareness of the vehicle’s environment. In short, autonomous mobility technology needs to be all encompassing, and work hand-in-hand with the development of smart cities.

This is the main challenge that IOTA is aiming to solve by partnering with the Audi think-tank.  All through its forays in the mobility industry, IOTA has mainly been playing on the sidelines. This is the first time that it is actively involved directly, in trying to solve a problem that is linked to the future of mobility.

IOTA stands to reap big from this cooperation in a number of ways. First, it gives the IOTA team a first-hand feel of the intricacies of the mobility industry. The ideas they will get from the Audi experts will help IOTA develop more tailored solutions for this industry. For instance, the IOTA team could use the knowledge acquired to try and secure the tangle better, for a more efficient application of this tech in autonomous mobility.

That’s because security will be the single greatest threat to autonomous vehicles.  Without unbreakable security, the whole idea of autonomous mobility will be dead on arrival.  In essence, by using this experience with Audi to become better at security, IOTA will increase its chances of adoption not just in the mobility industry, but in all other industries that will require secure IoT technologies in the future.

IOTA also stands to benefit in that through this partnership, Audi could use their technology in developing permissionless, and trustless base-layer protocols for their future autonomous vehicle, as well as other mobility solutions. This would be one of the largest use-cases of a crypto project in an industry that is about to take off, and revolutionize the world.

Besides, by getting adopted by Audi, chances are that other vehicle companies would follow suit. Most vehicle companies tend to develop similar technologies. None wants to be left behind and lose its competitive advantage in the market.

In essence, the future of IOTA looks bright in the auto industry.  As the autonomous vehicle industry takes shape, IOTA (MIOTA) stands a chance to hit its all-time highs within a few months. The fundamentals point to a crypto that has a wide and growing use-case, and with the right partnerships backing it up.


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