Digibyte (DGB)

Digibyte (DGB): There is consensus in the crypto community that for crypto to go mainstream, the masses have to understand the whole idea of cryptocurrencies and internalize it.  The 2017 pump may have brought cryptos to the fore, but the dump that followed saw a decrease in public interest.

So what’s the way forward, in getting the masses to learn about the power of blockchain technology? Well, there are many ways to do it, but one of the most viable is charity, and the Digibyte community is leading from the front on this one.

The Digibyte community is actively engaged in a campaign to save lives in Venezuela.  Venezuela has been in a political crisis for some time now, and the country’s currency has lost most of its value. This has led to shortages of food and other essentials including medicine.  The Digibyte community has made DGB donations that have helped feed thousands of people in this country, as well as supplied them with other essentials. This is a big deal not just for Digibyte (DGB) but for crypto in general for a number of reasons.

First, it has shown ordinary people that cryptocurrencies have value that transcends their government issued fiat currencies. That’s because these people are suffering because political turmoil has made their country’s fiat currency pretty much worthless. For these people, crypto is a life saver, and this message will ring in their minds for a lifetime.

Even when things return to normal in their country, there is a good chance that ordinary people will stock up on Digibyte (DGB) as a safeguard against future problems. That’s a huge step towards the adoption of cryptocurrencies. This is something that cannot be achieved through conventional marketing activities. It goes beyond trying to sell cryptos on the basis of price, and focuses more on the utility value.

The Digibyte (DGB) community has also shown the world that there is more to crypto than price speculation.  After 2017, most people who were not well versed in blockchain technology started viewing crypto with risky speculative gambling. This explains why Google trends for bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies have declined in the last 7 months.  As such, dwelling on price will not bring back the confidence that was building in 2017.

It’s only initiatives like those of the Digibyte community can give people an idea of how powerful blockchain technology is, and its potential to make their lives much better than they could ever imagine. In fact, Digibyte’s small effort is a huge step towards creating a deeper understanding of cryptocurrencies, one that goes beyond the price.

Of course, this also gives Digibyte (DGB) a leg up over other cryptocurrencies, in terms of adoption, which is good for its value. It also has the features to support the positive sentiment it is getting. Digibyte (DGB) is one of the most secure, scalable, fast and cheap cryptos for everyday transactions. It augurs well with what the average Joe needs in a currency. This will reflect in its value in the long-run.


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