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Today, Jared Tate paid a visit to Abra global headquarters. This has got the Digibyte community excited in the hope that good news will come out of this visit.  While Abra already has Digibyte (DGB), what the community is hoping for is the ability to deposit and withdraw Digibyte through a native Digibyte wallet. Of course, with the appreciation that the Abra team has shown towards Jared’s visit, there is a good chance that they will listen to the community, and implement this. Doing so would drastically increase Digibyte transactions, which would push up volumes, and positively affect the price.

Overall, Abra is part of the growing acceptance of Digibyte across different platforms. A few days ago, an IOS wallet was launched that supports over 50 languages. Through this wallet, IOS users now have an easy way to store and spend their Digibytes. It adds to the rapidly growing accessibility of Digibyte (DGB) as a currency, relative to most other altcoins out there. In short, Digibyte is one of the few altcoins whose use-case as a currency is becoming clearer by the day. It all points to a future where Digibyte will be used for everyday transactions.

It’s also interesting to note that Jared Tate has recently stated that the core focus of Digibyte is not payments, even though this crypto is great as a payment method. Digibyte is focused on another fast growing aspect of the global economy, and that’s IoT. With 5G internet becoming a reality, machine-to-machine communication will be huge. However, for it to work effectively, it needs strong cyber security. Digibyte is looking to make use of blockchain technology to secure IoT.  In essence, once IoT starts taking shape, most smart devices will be secured by Digibyte without their owners even knowing it.

But such high levels of adoption will only happen when there is a bigger awareness about Digibyte, both through the news, and through more exchange listings. That’s why a platform like Abra adding native Digibyte transactions would be a big deal. Of course, such moves are also supported by other community efforts such as charity works that are putting the name Digibyte out there more. The Venezuela charity campaign has been one such successful campaign. Through this campaign, ordinary Venezuelans have learnt about Digibyte (DGB). This campaign also saw the Digibyte team interact with the heads of different charity organizations including the Red Cross. That’s great, and gives Red Cross and other charity organizations the choice to consider Digibyte in future charity events all over the world. Digibyte’s core features such as cost and speed make it ideal for use in such scenarios.

The altcoin market is down right now, and there is a good chance that many of them that many of them will go to zero. With its use case and growing adoption, Digibyte (DGB) is definitely not one of those that are going to zero. If anything, it stands a good chance to rise, as most altcoins drop off. Its current price is a massive buying opportunity.


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