A new trend is emerging in the cryptocurrency circles; taking their brand to the users. This has worked very well for Cardano (ADA) and NEO (NEO) appears to have found a new way to reach out to its adorers and adopters. The smart economy coin is taking its brand to the people and has announced a meet up in India that will see a series of popularization events lined up.

Meet the user tours have become very popular and one of the best ways to attract investors and increase adoption. I line with the new trend, NEO have scheduled a meet the user tour in the Indian sub-continent. This is the first time the NEO team is setting foot in India and could be a big boost and game changer towards the growth of the platform.

NEO Investor Concerns

The NEP community is tightly knit and has been able to go against the rumor that the structure of NEO is poised for a change. Making the coin divisible will break the entire ecosystem in the middle and this can take back the coin to the dark days by eroding the platforms vision of the future economic blockchain model. This could impact negatively on the coin price:

Divisible NEO is big BS. I would never vote for that. Price would go trash id they do that”. One discord member was quoted as saying. However, the move will see the ecosystem overcome such technicalities as slow transaction speeds and affect the systems’ governance.

These are some of the issues that will be discussed through meetups and on the Raddit interface according tone of the NEO co-founder, Da Hongfei. The India meetup will begin the long process of defining the future of NEO.

While making the announcement the NEO blockchain through their twitter handle has said:

”#NEO’s 1st-time visit to India! We will have a meetup on 8/3 evening (local time) in Hyderabad! You are welcome to join us if you are in town!”

NEO Dubai meetup

NEO Virgin Market Interest

There is a lot of potential for any coin with world use cases and India is one of those fertile grounds where the NEO ecosystem can reap in a big way. This is a distributed smart economy outfit with a very promising future of Dapps. Its unique features are supported by the diversity of programing languages that makes the platform stand out from the crowds.

NEO scalability has been tested and proved to offer real world solutions to both individuals and enterprises. Its increased popularity has seen its market cap grow tremendously this year alone to hit the current market cap of $1.776billion and become the 13th valuable coin in the market today. Over the last four months, the NEO coin has been rated as one of the most sought after Altcoins and has become highly trade-able in the crypto verse.

Latest NEO Development Plans

Already, the team working on the project led by the co-founders, Erik Zhang and Da Hongfei have started an AMA on Reddit where the team can interact with the fast growing community.  This is the beginning of confidence building within the community and creation of the rand trust. The team will have a chance to all answer questions concerning the platform and coincides with the meetup in India later today.

A lot of questions will be on the yet to go live NEO exchange which is still awaiting clearance from the industry regulators. This has been seen as the reasons why Dapp developers have been sitting on the fence. This has also put on hold the NEX ICO launch on the NEO Ecosystem. The meetups and Raddit briefing avenues will be able to clear the air and a possible developer influx on the platform.

NEL is also waiting on the sidelines to ride on the NEO ecosystem; the developer team at NEL is teaming up with a South Korean firm, Trueblocks to develop the NEODUN hardware wallet on the NEO platform and this will also open up the Asian market for the NEO coin. At the same time, NEO has partnered with Certik, a firm that is respected in smart contract verification and this will boost the coin’s security and making the digital asset identifiable.


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