Digibyte, DGB

Yesterday there was a glitch on Coin market cap that saw several cryptos reflect gains of up to 1000%. One of the cryptos that was hit by this glitch is Digibyte (DGB), as it reflected gains of more than 600%. Take a look at the prices as they were reflecting on Coin market cap during the glitch.Coinmarketcap

But what if the glitch was a glimpse into the future? Is there a chance that Digibyte (DGB) could get to this level? Looking at the fundamentals of Digibyte (DGB), it is clear that it stands a good chance to grow to that level, and even higher.

One of Digibyte (DGB)’s key features is its security.  At the moment there are more than 20 cryptos that are using Digibyte’s DigiShield security feature.  Jared Tate has also recently asserted that Digibyte is looking to go big on cyber security, with an aim of securing IoT devices. Given that IoT is the next big thing in technology with the coming of 5G, it then follows that Digibyte has a strong chance of growth, going into the future. This feature alone makes Digibyte highly undervalued, and with a very realistic chance of growing beyond 600%.

On top of that, Digibyte (DGB) is one of the few cryptos that functions well as a currency. That’s because it is extremely cheap with fees of less than $0.01 per transaction. It is also superfast, offering instant transactions. Very few cryptos can rival Digibyte on this front, and those that do are mainly non-mineable coins that are centralized to a large extent.  In essence, the fact that it is the fastest and cheapest decentralized crypto in the market places it at a good position to grow in value over time.

Therefore, as more people get to learn about Digibyte and know about its utility value, it will shoot up in value. At this point it’s mostly the crypto die-hards that are invested in Digibyte. Once the masses start flocking into this market, demand will rise, and the value will grow.  A huge surge in demand could very easily see Digibyte rise to over $1, which is multiple times higher than the value that was reflecting in the Coin market cap glitch.

In essence, this glitch could actually be a glimpse into the future of where Digibyte is headed. All it will take is a few more exchange listing, which will create more awareness about Digibyte. Right now the possibility of Coinbase listing Digibyte is one of the most watched event by the Digibyte community. If it happens, Digibyte with its strong fundamentals would easily do 100% within a very short time.  It is definitely one of the best long-term investments that someone can make in crypto at the moment. As a matter of fact, it is one of the few altcoins that stands a good chance to survive, and thrive, in case of an altcoin shakeup, that many experts believe is coming.


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