Pundi X (NPXS) started off with an ICO presale during the last quarter of 2017, while it was officially launched as an ICO in January 2019 when the majority of digital assets went on with reaching all-time high prices.

During the last 6 months, Pundi X has made it among the top 50 currencies while being ranked as the 46th asset on the official ranking list. Pundi X is presented as a unique digital asset that has the main objective to make blockchain available and accessible to anyone around the globe.

In that spirit, Pundi X NPXS is offering a solution in form of Point of Sale, which brought the team behind Verge XVG to this blockchain startup, heading towards mass adoption with joined forces.

Pundi X and Verge Heading Towards Mass Adoption

Mass adoption might be the ultimate goal of any of over thousand digital assets in the market, which is usually enforced by the integral and strategic partnership, which seems to be the case with Pundi X and Verge XVG.

In that spirit, less than a week ago, on August 2nd, Verge currency has shared an important announcement via their official Twitter page, while also publishing a Medium post on the latest case of integration between Verge and Pundi X.

The XVG representatives have stated on this occasion that Verge will be integrated into the Point of Sale system created by Pundi X, further adding that the main objective of Pundi X labs is to offer integration of digital assets into physical stores, while adding that Verge currency is happy to be a part of Pundi X network.

That being said, Verge has just become a part of a growing movement that aims at promoting cryptocurrencies as a great alternative payment method for different goods and services all over the world, which might have brought Pundi X additional momentum as NPXS is seen going up heavily against the dollar in the last 24 hours.

Moreover, Verge has stated that they have been working on their mass adoption for quite some time now, while the latest integration with Pundi X Point of Sale will bring them closer to their goal as Pundi X makes it possible for cryptocurrencies to get easily integrated into any physical store willing to join the network.

What Makes Pundi X Point of Sale Efficient in the Domain of Mass Adoption?

What made Verge XVG join the network of Pundi X NPXS POS, and what could potentially draw more cryptos towards Pundi X integration, is the fact that this network utilizes Point of Sales, which is said to make physical integration of digital assets easier than ever.

As Verge representatives have previously stated, mass adoption might be the hardest task of all cryptocurrencies, as crypto integrations pose as a difficult task by far. However, Pundi X is offering a neat solution for digital assets aiming at mass adoption and physical integration, thanks to the use of Point of Sales.

Point of Sales is actually a long-present service that offers a wide range of functions for processing credit cards, cash registers, and store inventories that can be used and viewed on your personal computer or within a cloud storage, so Pundi X practically takes the standard POS for blockchain-based utilization, that way creating an easy pass for crypto mass adoption and physical integration.

Pundi X POS is actually a physical device that combines the technological smoothness of blockchain and encryption while utilizing multi-card reader technology that allows easy and simple integration into physical stores for all included cryptocurrencies accepting Pundi X integration.

Verge isn’t the first currency to initialize the integration into the POS system of Pundi X, as this service has also accepted the integration of Binance Coin (BNB), the native asset of the biggest exchange platform, Binance, only a week prior to XVG integration.

That means that there is a growing number of top currencies joining the Pundi X POS in order to embrace mass adoption and integration into physical stores across the globe, which adds more on the value of Pundi X as well as its native currency, NPXS.

Pundi X NPXS in the Market

It seems that Pundi X POS is working in favor of NPXS, as this asset is seen rising up by the amazing 15.58% against the dollar in the last 24 hours.

As Pundi X NPXS is being traded at the price of 0.0022$, it makes for a perfect portfolio addition in the range of crypto investments under 1$ price, while also presenting a gateway for cryptocurrencies to physical stores across the globe, which takes its value beyond its current price in the market.


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