What is Aurora (AOA)

Aurora (AOA) came onto the stage of the cryptoverse back in May of 2018 where it was presented as a currency that is created to compete with smart contract platforms, deeming it the disruptive technology on a special event organized on the behalf of introducing Aurora to the public.

During the course of only several months, Aurora has managed to climb up to the top 100 trading coins, while it is taking 67th spot on the official ranking list, counting over 115 million dollars in market capitalization.

The main objective behind Aurora blockchain is to enable fast and efficient execution of smart contracts within its ecosystem, that way assuring prompt smart contracts operations.

What is Aurora (AOA)?

Aurora was issued only several months back while it managed to climb up to the top 100 currencies according to the official ranking list. Aurora blockchain was created to represent a smart contract platform that offers prompt execution of smart contracts, while AOA represents the native token to the smart contract platform.

Thanks to the utilization of consensus mechanism known as DPOS or Delegated Proof of Stake, Aurora blockchain is able to embrace prompt transaction speed rates, directly posing a competition to smart contract platforms.

That means that Aurora can directly compete with large smart contract platforms, like Ethereum, given the fact that DPOS on Aurora blockchain enables a great number of transactions being processed within the matter of seconds, which is not the case with Ethereum.

Aurora blockchain, however, is still less likely to be able to become an equal opponent to Ethereum and Ether that are currently holding the rank of the second-best currency and the top smart contract platform, although AOA and Aurora smart contract platform can make a neat alternative to any Dapp developer who appreciates prompt on-chain operations and swift blockchain-based transactions.

Although Aurora offers secure and fast transactions being processed within seconds, while also offering smart contract execution at the same speed rate, Ethereum still has the greatest number of Dapp projects being deployed, utilized and used on top of Ethereum blockchain.

How Does Aurora Work?

Aurora was created as a smart contract platform while utilizing DPOS consensus mechanism in a neat combination with BFT (Byzantine Fault Tolerance), which enables this platform to provide AOA users with extremely fast processing transaction time, while also allowing prompt execution of smart contracts.

Aurora is posing as a unique blockchain project that is set to change the face of blockchain and smart contract utilization and deployment, thus having some interesting features that might probably push AOA further to the top in the following months.

As a young project, Aurora is already drawing interest to its smart contract technology, while also allowing fast transactions. Fast transactions are made possible with the multi-chain operation, alongside with DPOS, which brings this platform to be able to perform proficiently.

Aurora is also offering Intelligent App isolation feature which divides the transactions that are being processed by sending them to “isolation” where all contracts are being carefully monitored for improved safety. This smart contract platform is actually a peer-to-peer network, enabling AOA users to operate on different chains to avoid cluster and slow network time while being able to operate under maximal security.

Finally, to assure easy and simple up-to-date upgrades, this smart contract platform is sing LLVM compiler to make possible for AOA users to easily follow with blockchain system updates.

The Future of Aurora

Aurora seems to be doing well in the market while showing a positive pace of growth during the period of the last 30 days, also showing gains during the last 24 hours while going up over 6%, that way making up for a promising investment in the range of tokens for under 1$.

The main objective of Aurora platform regarding the future of blockchain is the ultimate incorporation of blockchain into different industries with a special attention to the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, financial and fintech industry, as well as gaming industry and data.

Besides from going towards mass adoption of blockchain and cryptos, which is the ultimate cause of all cryptocurrencies, Aurora has the goal of enabling fast transactions and smart contract development, while planning on presenting valuable solutions for common problems in the blockchain industry, such as scalability.

Precisely for the determination of the team behind AOA to change the face of blockchain industry for better while offering swift transactions that take seconds, while performing prompt smart contract execution, AOA can easily pose as a token worthy of attention.


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