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Yesterday, the Zilliqa team announced that the main net launch had been delayed, probably until January 2019. The reason for the delay is that the developer team needs more time to conduct security audits, among other technical aspects of the project such as the development of tool chains. While this announcement may have dashed the hopes of speculators, who were hoping to cash-in on the main net launch, it is actually a great thing for long-term Zilliqa investors.

First, this delay means that Zilliqa (ZIL) now has more time to finalize on the project. With more time to perfect the project, they will launch a well-put working product that will draw in Dapps developers, pushing up the project’s value in the long-run. That’s way better than launching a half-baked project that doesn’t achieve the purpose it was designed for. Such problems would lead to huge a drop in the value of Zilliqa.

Second, this delay shows that the Zilliqa team is actually working on something revolutionary, and not just trying to cash-in on hype and marketing.  Zilliqa intends to implement Sharding as a way of achieving infinite scalability. However, Sharding is not easy to implement, since it has to be implemented while taking into consideration smart contract security. That’s why no blockchain is yet to roll it out at scale. Even Ethereum is years away from making it a reality.

In essence, the fact that Zilliqa is forthright about this complexity means that it is a genuine project, with genuine developers behind it. If Zilliqa were to rush it and fail, it would be catastrophic. As things stand, Zilliqa is the most spammed project on YouTube and other platforms, which makes people think of it as a scam. But this delay and the reasons behind it remove any fears that it is a scam project.  That’s because if Zilliqa were a scam and a money grab, they would have hyped up the main net launch, make money from the pump, and then dump it.

It’s also good that the main net launch has been delayed because if it were to happen under current market conditions, there would be no impact on the value of Zilliqa. That’s because cypto is still in a bear streak, and good news at this point don’t have much of an impact on prices.

Tron (TRX) is a perfect example of the impact of releasing good news in a bear market. The project has in the recent past launched a main net, made a vital acquisition, but all these have not impacted its price in any way. If anything, the price of Tron (TRX) has continued to drop. If Zilliqa were to launch its main net under these conditions, there is no reason why it wouldn’t be hit by similar circumstances.

However, by January, chances are that the market will have rebound, with all the developments taking place at the moment. As such, if they were to launch their main net launch in a bull market, Zilliqa will pump hard and reward investors big.


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