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ChainLink (LINK) is one of those coins shy of promising what it cannot deliver. Instead, the team behind the project is playing its cads close to their chest. Any project or upgrade is never hyped and that is why the price has been holding steadily for the last two months.

The platform is quite unique and enables its users act as Oracles in a decentralized setup by providing data in exchange for its native LINK token. The integrity of the platform is maintained by internal certifications and validation processes. These functions instill the system integrity to offer services of repute.

ChainLink (LINK) Latest Developments

The ChainLink ecosystem is still in the better stage and there is a lot interest being a platform that connects the real world to that o blockchain using Oracles. SWIFT has already partnered with the platform to develop their custom smart contract solutions. This is a global financial institution that has brought the LINK platform to the limelight.

There are not many players in the Oracles sphere and the community has been supporting the project in order to close the existing gap. REQ, the community behind the token is working toward a decentralized oracle with LINK. Creation of ChainLink smart contracts on the Ethereum ecosystem commenced on July 24 and this is a major step towards bringing together data sources in a decentralized environment.

Accord, IC3 and Gartner are some partners that have indicated are working with ChainLink to embrace the Oracle technology that will drive their projects to the next level. Other firms supporting the platform include the Clintex Clinical Trials Intelligence, a leader in clinical trials data management and SalesForce, a cloud computing and CRM software provider is poised to set their base on ChainLink and enjoy its oracles experience.

ChainLink (LINK) Route to Market

ChainLink does not believe in media hype and lets their achievements speak for themselves. Their generic adoption and price traction has earned the project a lot of interest. This has seen the platform grow into the top 100 by market cap and the token is ranked 71 by market capitalization.

The steady growth and value proposition through a real world use product and solution is taking LINK to the next level. The next few months will see the token climb to the top 50 if its recent breakout is anything to go by. The system has a huge advantage in the market and capitalizing on it will transform the LINK token to a solid digital asset very soon.

LINK has been listed on Binance, Huobi and OKEx. These are exchanges that have a global reach and exposer and are surefire vehicles to make the token a household brand name. LINK has also been paired with major market movers in the market hence its growing visibility. With its low price, adoption is the current goal before any meaningful traction and value growth are realized.

ChainLink Future and Price Recap

ChainLink future is very bright given that smart contract based platforms are the in-thing in the market.  the merging of smart contracts in delivering Oracle solutions on a blockchain set up is catching up and many developers will opt for a platform like ChainLink as opposed to Ethereum whose transaction fees continues to skyrocket whilst compromising on the speeds.

Breaking even in the market for LINK will usher in a very exciting moment for the blockchain technology. This continues being evident simply by looking at the growth of the token in under a year. At the time of compiling this report, the LINK token price stood at $0.304361 with 24-hour noticeable gains of 10.25%, 7.64% and 9.82% to the dollar, Bitcoin and Ether respectively.


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