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Cardano (ADA) is among the top 10 crypto coins in market cap as of press date. The altcoin has been adding fundamental value to its platform since the year begun. Well, some of this seems to be paying off after ADA’s founder; Charles Hoskinson announced that the blockchain project will be integrating ‘Yoroi’. This wallet feature comes as an addition to ‘Icarus’ which is a reference for light wallets and traces its development to the IOHK.According to a post on Cardano’s blog, the team termed Icarus as an extension for chrome.

This development is meant to scale the use of Cardano’s platform. Developers within the ADA community will be able to create light wallets and enhance security and other features to their ability!

Icarus is a fully open source code base that will be the first step in a range of open source initiatives to provide developers with a suite of tools for Cardano.”

Icarus, is a child of the Proof-of-concept protocol, this project began testing a couple PoC algorithms as early as March 2018,

“A small section of the IOHK engineering team were interested to find out if they could demonstrate that it would be possible to create a lightweight Cardano wallet with all the features of Daedalus but that was easy to use and fast to set up.”

Emurgo ‘Yoroi’ Cardano Integration

Emurgo, one of Cardano’s partners confirmed that indeed a new feature was about already built on ADA’s platform and ready for use. Yoroi is the name given to the light weight wallet Emurgo built on Cardano’s blockchain network. The announcement which came barely two days ago is expected to mark a significant milestone for the two crypto projects!

Yoroi’s features have been praised by Emurgo’s CEO, Ken Kodama, this light weight Cardano (ADA) based wallet is easy to use, secure and transacts faster. The product is a child of the science and engineering firm headed by Charles Hoskinson although still categorized as an Emurgo feature. Furthermore, Kodama stated that the wallet is built using top notch software procedures as well as a detailed audit on its security system.

Emurgo also focused on the practical use of this wallet, the features have been customized to serve the daily needs of its users. The Japan based Venture Capital wing for Cardano has been an important player in pushing ADA’s project adoption. Emurgo’s focus is to expend Cardano’s business as well as its blockchain infrastructure. According to Cardano’s twitter handle the roadmap has already been updated,

 “The Cardano roadmap has been updated with a special announcement on Project Icarus, a reference implementation for lightweight wallets, and Yoroi, a light-client wallet launched by Emurgo today!”

ADA in numbers

Cardano (ADA) has maintained a significant share of the crypto market despite the recent blood bath; the altcoin’s market cap is above the $2.5 billion mark. However, things have not been all good for this crypto coin whose exchange value stands at $0.0991 right now, a 92% lower than its all-time high. ADA’s volatility stood at 34% & 16% in the past month and week respectively, this is within the range of its peer volatile digital assets. Most analysts expect a market correction to happen and if one should then ADA might be saved by its fundamental value!


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