Ontology ONT

Ontology (ONT) is one of the biggest gainers in the day, and is up by over 40%. This is due to the upcoming main net launch that will take place tomorrow. As per the Ontology team on twitter, the main net launch will take place at 04:30 A.M UTC.Ontology Tweet

As the launch hour approaches, there is a good chance that Ontology will continue to make gains that outpace all the other major cryptos, for several reasons.

  1. It’s launching on a weekend

Usually, weekends tend to be slow in crypto as investors move into other activities. Other times, like in this bear market, the prices tend to drop because large players take advantage of the low volumes to make their trades. As such, by launching their main net on a weekend, Ontology is now the only major crypto that has huge news coming up. This means that investors looking to escape the uncertainty that characterizes crypto on weekends, could rush to put their money into Ontology, due to its higher probability to make gains. This perception will drive up demand and pump the price higher.  The high volumes in the Ontology moment at the moment are a clear sign of this happening. A 50% plus pump in the next 12-24 hours is highly probable.

  1. It’s launching the Main net in Seoul South Korea

South Korea is one of the largest crypto markets in the world, and accounts for a sizeable percentage of the global trading volumes. As such, South Korean investors looking for potentially high gains over the weekend are now focused on Ontology. An influx of South Korean investors in Ontology could spur a price surge that could give 50-60%. Already the Ontology team is expecting more than 500 attendees for the event, which points to how anticipated this event is in South Korea.

  1. Ontology is a high-value project

Ontology is one of the best projects in the market today. It has a huge use-case that could see it get adopted in a wide variety of industries. For instance, the Ontology ONT DDXF feature gives it a huge use-case in the financial markets. This gives it the potential to disrupt the global financial markets, and that in itself makes it a high value blockchain in the long-run.  With such strong fundamentals and the fact that it is launching in a crypto-oriented city, an even bigger price pump in the price of Ontology is somewhat guaranteed. Besides, its strong fundamentals mean that it stands a good chance to continue rising even after the main net launch. Instead of the old trading rule of selling the news/events, Ontology could turn out to be a case of buy the news. After all the price is already down after months of price drops. It might as well have hit the bottom.

Price-wise, Ontology could test $2.8 -$3 over the weekend. If bitcoin performs well in weekend trading, Ontology could easily push higher than $3.


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