The Crypticcoin team is without a doubt one of the most visionary and dedicated team in crypto. They have managed to bring to life, one of the most revolutionary privacy coins in the market. After months of working on the technical aspects of the project, they are now entering the market, and with lots of momentum.  This week, Crypticcoin will be listed on the cryptobulls exchange.

This is huge because it not only offers Crypticcoin a chance to be visible in the markets, but also get the liquidity to make a run to the top.  Besides, it’s just the first. Many more exchanges will be listing it, and in no time, it will be a highly liquid privacy coin, ready to take on the likes of Monera (XMR) and ZCash (ZEC).

This listing is one of the long list of accomplishments that Crypticcoin has made in August. There are many more including the unveiling of the Crypticcoin whitepaper in multiple languages, which in itself is a big deal. It’s a big deal because it makes Crypticcoin available to a wider audience all across the world, thereby adding to its utility value, as well as its speculative value.  For instance, the Spanish and Portuguese versions of the whitepaper could attract loads of investors from Europe and Latin America.

The team is also hard at work to ensure that the Crypticcoin wallet is flawless and functional across multiple platforms including Windows, Linux and MacOS. Once the testing phase is over, then Crypticcoin investors will be in a position to store their coins in a highly secure wallet that also allows them to spend their money anonymously. Just to understand how big of a feat this is, there are many well-known coins in the market today that don’t have functional wallet, and investors have to deal with never-ending bug issues. The fact that Crypticcoin has achieved this successfully before it even hits exchanges is a sign of the team’s dedication to see this project succeed.

So how high can Crypticcoin go, once it hits exchanges? Well, you just need to look at its fundamentals and make that decision for yourself. One of its key strengths is that it has started off as a decentralized community.  That’s because instead of doing an ICO where owners get to keep a huge portion of the coins allocated, Crypticcoin did a Free Coin Offering (FCO), providing for a fair distribution of coins. This is a powerful feature for a privacy coins because decentralization in itself, is a safeguard to ensuring that the coin maintains its privacy. A privacy coin with centralized control defeats its own purpose.

Crypticcoin is also investing in the future, to draw in more people into blockchain.  It is doing this through the Crypticcoin education feature, which is aimed at educating the masses about blockchain technology. Through this platform, Crypticcoin will without a doubt draw in more investors into the platform, pushing up its long-term demand.

However, its biggest asset is its use of the ZeroCash protocol for privacy. This means that neither the transacting parties, nor the transacted amount are revealed. That’s powerful since it makes Crypticcoin perfectly suited for its role, privacy.


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