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The fight for altcoin global visibility and infrastructure tweaking seems the main activity as the bearish market unpredictability continues. NANO (NANO) has been working on improving its network which has been stress tested successfully. While the community was celebrating the milestone, the coin has been added to the Bitcoin Superstore days after TRON (TRX) got the nod.

The double celebration means that NANO holders can purchase Bitcoin Superstore products and services with ease. This is a major real world use case that the coin has been lacking and an increased spend-ability means additional popularity, price surge and added value. The Bitcoin market has been growing and its global reach takes affiliate cryptocurrencies with it.

While making the announcement, Bitcoin Superstore tweeted on August 17:

“Bitcoin Superstore is now accepting payments with NANO! You can buy from nearly any online retailer, worldwide. With #Nano! Zero transaction fees and near instant confirmations. What does the #cryptocurrency community think?$NANO@ColinLeMahieu @brain_blocks #crypto.”

With zero transactions, NANO (NANO) is a perfect match for Bitcoin Superstore because it does not levy membership charges as long as you are using crypto to transact. This is a fast growing market place poised to give the likes of Amazon, Alibaba and Google Express cutting edge competition in the very near future. With fast transactions speed offered by blockchain based firms, delivery will be much faster than those of traditional market leaders.

Moving Towards a Faster NANO

The NANO investor celebrations are poised to continue after the developer team announced that the Stress Test on the NANO beta network has been successful. The v15 version now delivers higher number of transactions per second. The bearish market notwithstanding, this is a perfect timing which has seen the improved speeds get NANO nod into Bitcoin Superstore.

A cross section of NANO (NANO) users have recorded average speeds of above 75 every30 minutes and a 756 blocks per second and to than participants who took part in the testing process, NANO tweeted:

”A big THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the beta network stress test. Users reported an average sustained TPS of 75 over 30 minutes with a reported peak of 756 blocks/second.

Want to find out more? Join the conversation at https://t.co/Vrn9hJW8Zr$Nano #v15isComing pic.twitter.com/YXyH8nIMlU.”

— Nano (@nano) August 17, 2018

On 15 August, NANO updated its community on the state of the network which saw the NANO coin price surge to the $2 threshold. The update saw increased activity around NANO and simply said:

”Midweek update! Testing of v15 on the beta network has been going great. We’ve seen a drastic decrease in bandwidth due to the new Vote by Hash system. There are just a few days of testing left and we look forward to its release at the end of the week! $nano.”

NANO (NANO) Market Outlook

It appears that NANO coin is set for a breakout after getting the use case status and a revamped network. However, a lot is expected from its current development since its success lies on the number of users and use cases that the outfit attracts. The future is set to become brighter if the current performance in the market is something to write home about.

At press time, NANO (NANO) was trading at $1.79 after gaining a double digit of 12.68% against the green buck and 11.45% to BTC. The spike comes at a time where the market movers remain sluggish. This could be the long awaited recovery that the NAO holders have been baying for.


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