Dogecoin, DOGE

The entry of Dogecoin (DOGE) into the crypto verse has always surprised many. The coin has been unable to hit the $1 mark but still continues to gain acceptance among the community. To many coins branding, social media marketing and infrastructure developments are seen to be the key drivers to survive in the competitive market.

For Doge, it is the opposite; it is a fun coin by design and many outsiders, the coin remains as the joke coin. However, by looking at its history, the coin created a lot of wealth to many people towards the end of 2017 and there are clear signs that history is about to repeat itself in the near future. So what makes DOGE a good buy for the future?

Dogecoin Vision Validity

There are two types of altcoins in the market today; those with a purpose and those created for the sake of speculation in the multibillion industry. Dogecoin was designed for a purpose and is strictly tied to its road map. Many coins have come up through hype and do not last long since they are just payment tools riddled with many bottlenecks.

Some of these “goalless” altcoins are seeking partnerships with third parties so as to cover their inabilities to delivers as single entities. Such coin fails to add value to businesses since they do not have the capacity to link the crypto verse with real life business demands. A true coin eliminated third parties for it to deliver fast, securely and transparently to the consumer and that is what Dogecoin is designed to do.

Dogecoin Usability and Spend-ability

By cutting down on their parties, Dogecoin ensures the buying of goods and services are seamless and take less of your time. Just like the traditional fiat money that you are accustomed to, DOGE can be used in real life and the process is easy for both the buyer and seller. What’s more; with the coin, your transactions are to the micro-level and instant.

The cost of doing business is a big concern for the crypto lover and the lower the transaction fee the better. Trading in fiat through the convectional banking systems has turned out the ordinary user from transacting and the value proposition that DOGE offers has kept the coin usability and spend-ability growing steadily.

Any slight mass adoption and merchant onboarding can move the coin to the next level.  A simple tweak in its infrastructure, rebranding and concerted social media marketing is all what the Dogecoin ecosystem need to make the coin a market mover. The simple addition to the Robinhood exchange is a good example of the Dogecoin and DOGE potential.

What Dogecoin (DOGE) is Up To?

Dogecoin has always been full of surprises. Though the coin is driven by its community, the recent Robinhood listing boost has seen other major exchanges show interest in listing the asset. Coinbase recently indicated their intention to DOGE to their growing portfolio under the Custody status and once this happens, DOGE will be headed to the moon.

Listing on major exchanges will not only boost DOGE global visibility but give it the liquidity and demand it deserves. Multi-channel availability of the coin will mean increased adoption, price traction and value growth and this appears to be the platforms current strategy.

Dogecoin List of Merchants Steadily Holding

For a joke coin to attract merchants of repute appeared far-fetched but Dogecoin has been able to steadily attract several merchants where holders can shop conveniently. BitBurgers, BitcoinShop, StrangeDonuts and GamerzHeat are some of the outlets where you can spend your DOGE.

BitRefill is another gateway where you can use Dogecoin to buy gift cards from Amazon. This follows the introduction of the DogeRacer game which is still in its beta stage and this is set to expand the platform marketplace to the gaming and entertainment industry. What’s more? DOGE still remains cheap and a fertile entry point for those keen on growing their crypto portfolio.


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