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Vechain (VET) is one of the most promising cryptocurrency projects in the market today. Yesterday, Sunny Lu, one of the brains behind it did a video with the community, and from that video, it is clear that Vechain is about to have a huge bull rally. While Sunny touched on lots of issues including the token swap, which is now 90% complete.  He also touched on several meetups and conferences that should get investors excited about Vechain.

The first of these events will be on September 5th.  According to Sunny, Vechain will be part of a conference that will be organized by a major automobile company that has an aggressive green strategy.  While he did not mention the company by name, there is speculation that the company in question could be Tesla. Tesla is the most famous company when it comes to green strategies.

However, it could be any of the other automobile companies since most of them have huge green strategies at the moment. However, the best thing is that a huge automobile company is about to work with Vechain. If such an announcement is made on the 5th of September, it could be a huge leap forward for Vechain, one that could drive up its price by a huge margin.

The second event will be in Shanghai on the 7th of September. It will organized by Vechain and PWC, one of the largest accounting firms in the world.  Given the weight that PWC has in corporate circles, you can expect that this event will draw in top corporations in China. Out of these, Vechain will add some partnerships that will give it a bigger foothold in the Chinese market. Given that China is one of the largest economies in the world, high-level partnerships between Chinese firms and Vechain would drive up the value of Vechain by a huge margin. That’s because it will spur the Vechain burn rate, and as the supply declines, value will go up.

The other interesting event for Vechain will be on the November organized by Vechain and one of Vechain’s key partners, DNV GL. This conference will be targeted at the import/export sector and could see key players in this sector adopt Vechain. It’s one of the industries that could benefit from Vechain, especially in the authenticating the goods shipped. It can also come in handy in tracking goods for better planning on the recipient’s part, which can help improve business efficiency.  For Vechain holders, such adoption means a higher burn rate, and a higher value for their Vechain investments in the future.

In essence, all these upcoming events all create an environment for positive price movements in coming months. If each of these events yield a few good partnerships, then Vechain could be headed to a huge price jump in the next 3 months. Things could even be better if the entire market changes direction and starts rising again. It could create the momentum to hit $1 soon.


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