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Among privacy coins, Verge (XVG) is becoming the leader through the way it engages its community development wise. The coin has been seen as a threat to Bitcoin which is not the case. It only complements some functions that Bitcoin has been unable to handle in the market. The only feature it rivals the competitor is the privacy part.

Unlike other coins that appear to operate from another planet, Verge is real and has a functional team that responds to its vibrant community concerns. With a huge percentage of coins thriving through the media, Verge has a transparent and clear cut channel to engage its user base and get to know what users would like to be included in the development roadmap.

Verge Impactful Marketing Strategy

To the Verge project, community engagement and periodic updates are the best marketing tools. This is an easy way to know what the consumer on the ground expect and engage the in-house developer experts to come up with the right product. This way, the ecosystem is been able to stay ahead of the pack by giving the users what they hold as dear and top priority to them.

Transparency in a privacy coin increases investor confidence and delivers on the expectations since their demands are met. This gives the project consistency and additional passion from the XVG holder. Below are some development updates that are aimed at boosting the investor confidence on the platform and spur price growth and value.

Verge (XVG) Twitter Development Poll

Top priority areas for the project according to their recent update include:

Designing and coding the newest version of the Verge Wallet

Upgrading the Verge Codebase to Bitcoin v.0.13

Exploring the potential of the RSK smart contract platform

The just concluded Verge Twitter poll has drawn a lot of interest from the entire crypto verse and the results appear to be a summary of the immediate community priorities. It will guide the developer team to move forward without any friction from the users. However, the user concerns are in line with the Verge development plan.

The community was given a free hand in deciding what their top priorities are and the results where a reflection not only the XVG holder but outsiders. Out of the total participants, 48% were of the opinion that a new codebase that encompasses RingCT is what the developer team should work on.

This will enhance confidentiality in transactions thus boosting the coin’s privacy vision. iOS reworking came second polling 34% while working on desktop wallet was prioritized by 9% of participants and another 9% felt the Android wallet tweaking attracted the teams attention.

With the results in, the team has promised to tackle each item according to the priority each deserves. This is a follow up on the project that the team had promised to work on during their last update to the community in July. So far the team has worked on two key areas.

Three Verge Developer Focus Areas

Verge Private Key Safekeeping: On top of the priorities was the improvement of the Verge private key storage system. This is in regards to the iOS and Desktop wallets versions. This was to work on the existing API to enhance security and bring to zero the risk of the keys getting exposed to external threats.

The team says that: Due to the use of the insight API within our latest iOS wallet and in our desktop wallet, we must find a way to store our private keys securely.

We are going to establish the BIP39 Format, which allows you to recover your private keys using a personal word combination.

Verge iOS and Desktop Wallet Works: The team has introduced 3.0.0 version to the Electron beta-5 that is highly promising on delivery of stability and the sent and receive functions have been enhance to offer a more user friendly interface. This will work for a while before the Electron version is released to the community.

With these enhancements, Verge is poised for growth in terms of adoption and tractions. However, it will take a while before the current developments turn to tangible gains for the community. At reporting time, XVG price was being quoted at $0.013574 with 0.91% gains to the dollar and slip of 2.41% to Bitcoin.


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