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It is no longer a secret that Stellar Lumens (XLM) is turning out to be the next blockchain hub. With the recent development record, listing on exchanges of repute and strategic partnerships, it is a blockchain to watch as 2018 comes to close. The team undertaking the projects appears to be pressing on the right switches at the right time.

Listing Stellar (XLM) on Netcoins Timing

Stellar (XLM) visibility continues to grow as it continues being listed in several high profile exchanges. Netcoins has announced it is listing XLM on its exchange. This is an additional sparkle for the coin at a time when the market uncertainty continues to be felt. Through an announcement on their twitter handle, the crypto exchange says:

“We have listed Stellar, available for immediate purchase, via our OTC Brokerage Services business and our 21000+retail locations in Australia, Europe and Canada! To learn more visit our newsblog.”

Upon the inking of the deal, Netcoins CEO, Mark Binns added:

“Adding Stellar brings us to having 5 of the top 7 coins available via Netcoins. The network effect of having more coins available continues to make Netcoins a 1-stop shopping destination for crypto, which in turn supports our revenue growth. We look forward to completing the top 7 in the coming months, along with further paid alt coin listings using our LaaS revenue model”.

Netcoins commands a lot of respect and following as a software development firm and an easy digital asset buying enabler. Its brokerage service offering enables investors in the crypto verse easily trade Bitcoin. Their official website states:

“Netcoins has helped thousands of customers buy and sell Bitcoin. Our Virtual Bitcoin ATM software provides retailers and individual professionals an awesome way to sell Bitcoin in store. Best of all? It’s free to become a reseller!”

Robinhood Tokenization on Stellar Ecosystem

Stellar (XLM) asset tokenization continues to stretch the platforms usability further. With Robinhood coming onboard to tokenize its private shares on the ecosystem, Stellar growth is poised to increase. Robinhood has been offering stocks but has recently added digital assets on its portfolio and this will give XLM additional presence in the market where the exchange has been trading.

The deal will enable investors hold securities of their choice in their portfolios and this will set up XLM for a bull run since all token transactions fees are on the Stellar blockchain. There is a tremendous demand for tokenization and Robinhood has just scratched the surface. Others set to embrace tokenization on the Stellar outfit include Swarm, a Fintech outfit and DSTOQ, a decentralized stock exchange.

Stellar (XLM) Ranks Ahead of Bitcoin in Applicability

These developments comes days after the Stellar project  beat Bitcoin in applicability ranking according to the Chinese research firms CSTC and CCID findings. The research is based on applicability and reliability puts Stellar and Lisk ahead of the market leader. More blockchain users are focused on rea world use cased as opposed to value and that is where Bitcoin is getting the heaviest beating in the market.

As Stellar awaits Coinbase listing nod, there is a lot of realignment in the offing. The increased user cases might see XLM getting listed ahead of other prospective coins. As Cross border transaction demand skyrockets, interest is now on whether Coinbase will list XLM ahead of its bitter rival, XRP.

For Stellar (XLM) to break even in a market where volumes are diminishing, a mass uptake push is a must. This is the only way XLM can avoid the current devaluation onslaught. However, this could remain an uphill task given the performance of Bitcoin whose price drop send a ripple effect across the market since it controls over 50% of the total market share.


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