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VeChain (VET) has been making headlines in the last couple of months all for the good reasons. These have helped the coin to continue trading in the green for the better part of August. A surge in mass adoption appears to be taking shape and this could just be the beginning of a VeChainThor (VET) success story in the crypto verse.

Before inking the deal with OceanEx (OCE) speculations were rife that the collaboration will transform the VeChainThor outlook and give it a new beginning since it distanced itself from VEN. The two have a sizeable following and the partnership will see them increase their market footprint and this visibility will turn into value addition and price traction for VET coin.

VeChain and OceanEx Partnership.

The last one week has seen a lot of focus on the new look VeChain (VET) as many wait to see the platforms potential. True to its promise, in influx of partnerships is in the offing with the first being OceanEx. On August 20, the VeChain Foundation made the positive announcement that OCE will be the first token ecosystems to grace the newly created VeChainThor (VET) blockchain.

While breaking the news, the VeChain Foundation, through their official twitter accounts says:

“We are excited to witness the first ecosystem token- OCE is now minted on the VeChainThor blockchain! The power of VeChainThor is only just starting to show.”

This came hours after OceanEx, through their twitter handle announced the collaboration which has left many VET community members ecstatic. The tweet said in part:

“Another VeChainThor milestone has been reached! $OCE became the first ecosystem token minted on the VeChainThor blockchain! You also can now view your OCE balance in the VeChainThor wallet. The OCE whitelisting process ends on Saturday, 25/08/2018 at 13:00 UTC+8.”

Sneak Preview on OceanEx?

Simply put, OceanEx is a creation of BitOcean Global with a goal of taking leadership in the AI industry. It becomes the first digital powered asset to be traded on the VeChainThor platform. The outfit is AI tech powered and offers additional liquidity in the crypto verse.

OCE offers a huge value proposition since it is guarded against the market volatility. It offers a wide range of investment opportunities for all across the globe. VeChain (VET) is set to ride on OceanEx to increase its growing visibility as well as increasing its real world usability.

According to the OceanEx website:

“In OceanEx, we are dedicated to providing our users the best trading experience with uncompromising protection of their assets. We believe OceanEx will be the legitimate bridge between crypto world and real world by connecting capital with blockchain innovations globally.”

The good news about OceanEx riding on the VeChain outfit is that it will increase the value of the blockchain as it seeks to “serve as an exchange, trading platform and asset management platform within the VeChainThor Ecosystem.”

VeChainThor Price Movement in the Market

With these good tidings, the VET price has not disappointed. However, the coin has been on a rollercoaster spree but staying longer on the green trading zones. With a market characterized by recent loses, the coin has been able to hold with analysts speculating a major breakout for the con before close of the quarter.

At reporting time, the VeChain (VET) coin price was up by 2.63% against the dollar that saw it trade at $ 0.014359. VET has gained against Bitcoin in the last 24-hour period by 0.89% and indication on how it is preparing for a breakout. However, traders are still holding their horses before they stake up on any coin that seems to be holding steadily before the market stabilizes.


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