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Ethereum Classic: There are many thousands of sport prediction applications in the market today and the numbers keep growing every other day. These existing platforms have however failed to deliver the experience the gamer anticipated. The entry of ETC Game powered by Ethereum Classic (ETC) is a game changer.

For one, Ethereum Classic (ETC) visibility has been boosted by getting listed on Coinbase, the ETC Game for sport prediction is the beginning of the ecosystems’ journey to the moon. The game is already live and anyone can set up their account and start enjoying the benefits of decentralization in the blockchain industry.

Ethereum Classic (ETC), just like the majority of altcoins has not been doing very well. However, the Coinbase listing and current real world use case projects coming up, ETC is transforming to a spendable asset. This has seen increased attention and more users are watching to see how the ETC Game works before diving in. The ETC-ETH peaceBridge is another feature that is set to increase traction adding value to ETC and ETH coins.

How Does ETC Game Work?

Through a simple and  fuss free registration, the Ethereum Classic ecosystem sends you to a new world of predictive gaming instantly, However, you need to load your wallet with sufficient ETC coins that you purchase internally; no third parties. All you need is transferring your coins to your newly created ETC Game account.

Funding your game account grants you access to participate in predicting without paying any gas fee. The game gives you two options; you can register or remain private. If you enjoy privacy, you can participate by using smart contract option from your wallet which does not require registration. Registration offers you convenience since you prefund your game account.

The beauty of the ETC Game is its decentralized and secure nature. It offers you the opportunity to predict in e-Sports, convectional sports as well as the digital money markets. The application is gaining mass adoption in Asia and headed to the English speaking country thanks to the visibility the ETC coin is getting from Coinbase.

According to the team behind the ETC Game:

ETC Game is always looking for the next game to add to the site- we aim to give our users a wide range of options to predict on. If you have any suggestions, join our telegram group and let us know what you want to see!ETC Game

Connecting Ethereum Classic (ETC) with Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum Classic and Ethereum are coming together for a good cause; to develop a relay-less bridge that will enable seamless transaction verification between the two blockchain. The initiative has been termed as the latest move to “bring Bitcoin to Ethereum”.

The peaceBridge will in the long run resolves the current high cost of gas that has made transaction costs on the two platforms become a barrier to mass adoption and diminishing transaction volumes. The bridge will make it easy for the two outfits to communicate through a trustless guardian protocol.

ETC Price headed to hit the Stable Zone

With these two developments, the ETC price appears to be stabilizing but the overall market trend seems to be pulling it south. At press time, the coin was trading in the green after gaining 0.73% against the green buck but losing by 1.98% to Bitcoin to trade at $12.49 in the last 24 hours.

Since listing on Coinbase, Ethereum Classic ranking by market cap has gone up from 18 to 13 and soon the coin might enter the top 10 bracket. OKEx and ABCC exchanges are the top ETC volume movers and Coinbase is yet to make an impact with only 1.45% of the total 185.1milliion traded in the last 24-hour session.


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