Nano Coin

After its success in network stress testing recently, Nano Coin (NANO) appears to hit the ground running. The test brought the platform to the limelight that saw the coin gains by 90% in less than a week and the momentum is poised for another major boost. This time round, the coin is set to reveal their long awaited user case in the IoT tech circles.

Nano Coin is about to change machine-to-machine economy works. Several coins, including IOTA have taken the IoT industry by storm and the entry of Nano is set to changes the entire equation and splitting the market share among competing platforms in the middle. Let’s find out if Nano will break even in the market?

Nano Center Big Announcement

Few hours ago, the Nano Center has confirmed that they have launched a charger that will be powered by NANO, the native Nano coin. Although this is a prototype, its usability is simple and anyone can use it. It only requires you to scan a QR code that triggers payments from your Nano wallet and you are done activating the system. The payments are done to the micro-level and you do not have to worry about change.

The announcement marks a huge milestone for the Nano team and community as they begin their long journey in to the IoT jungle. Their latest YouTube video has attracted a lot of interest online and a clear indication of what the user is expecting from Nano and other IoT service providers in the blockchain industry.

Once the use case is tested and introduced in the real world market, it could turn out to be one of the best Nano opportunities to make the system a global brand. For one, the charger can come in handy for commercial car charging of for private home garages. Harnessing the innovation can be very beneficial in operating home appliances and office automation among the very many real life use cases.

Nano (NANO) Diversification Campaign Path

Nano is targeting the auto industry with a possibility of turning into a household name in the machine-to-machine payments front. Due to its popularity in micro transaction capabilities, Nano’s NANO has become one of the most sought after payment system in online gaming and entertainment sector that commands millions of users.

Nano diversification is poised to usher a new era on how people interact with digital coins. This could turn out to be the best route to market that will be boosted by the increasing number of cryptocurrency exchanges that have already listed NANO. It appears like IOTA has not scratched the IoT surface and the Nano uptake is a clear show of demand.

Nano (NANO) Price Today

Gone are the days when cryptocurrency price where driven by vague promises; adopters and investors are more focused on coins that solve specific problems and Nano appears headed to that direction. The recent confirmation of network stress testing success saw more interest on the platform with a price surge.

The price has been send north by the Charger innovation from the Nano Center and at the time of compiling this report, the NANO coin was trading at $2.56 after a 24-hour marginal gains of 8.50% to the dollar and 6.00% to Bitcoin. By the look of platforms’ past, the price appears to hold once there is a use case announcement from the developer team.


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