Even with the minor positive swings that have characterized the market lately, the fact remains that crypto is still in deep bear territory. As such, for a coin to list in this market, you would expect it to get slaughtered. After all, even more established altcoins have taken a huge beating. But that’s not the case with Crypticcoin (CRYP). This privacy coin made its first entry into exchanges on the 22nd of August with a starting price of $0.10, and so far so good. It rallied on day one, before stabilizing at around 1602 satoshis.


This goes to show that investors do have confidence in Crypticcoin, and what it could achieve in the market. For an investor, this is without a doubt a great reason to be optimistic of Crypticcoin and its future in the market. That’s because it is trading in a stable price level, yet it hasn’t even gained widespread access in the markets.

Once more exchanges start listing Crypticcoin, it could rally hard, and quickly rise up market cap rankings. Besides, as more listings come up, more people will begin to use it in making private transactions.  This will add to the intrinsic value of this coin, further driving up its price.

The Crypticcoin team is also working hard to ensure that this coin becomes accessible to as many people as possible. For instance, they have translated the Crypticcoin whitepaper into multiple languages including Spanish and Portuguese. This is a move that will push up the adoption of Crypticcoin, and serve to drive up its value.  With the accessibility of its whitepaper to a wider audience, the value of Crypticcoin will rise too, especially once it gets listed on more exchanges.

On top of that, they have launched Crypticcoin education, a feature that is aimed at introducing blockchain technology to more people.  Cryptocurrencies in general, not just Crypticcoin, are still in their infancy.  Most people only got to know of cryptos in December 2017, and the hype sort of died down after the drop that started in January this year.

As such, the move that the Crypticcoin team has taken to invest in education, will help drive up its adoption in the future. Someone who learns about cryptos through Crypticcoin education, stands a good chance to invest in Crypticcoin as their first cryptocurrency, and that will drive up adoption.

With all these good news around it, Crypticcoin is without a doubt the coin to watch in 2018.  It will be very rewarding, especially for those who get in now, when it is yet to get hit by FOMO. Once it becomes popular and investors begin to notice it, Crypticcoin could rally to over $1 within a few weeks, giving huge gains to those who invest in Crypticcoin while it’s still under $0.20. And that won’t be long if its first week performance in the markets is anything to go by. It’s without a doubt the coin to watch!


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