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Earlier this month Age of Rust announced plans to build the world’s first P2P in-game rental market on the blockchain using Enjin Coin’s development platform. Now Enjin Coin (ENJ) is at it again—this time joining forces with six games from their ecosystem to create the first ever decentralized gaming multiverse. This could be the major boost the blockchain gaming community has been waiting for, but will it cause another “CryptoKitties overload” on Ethereum?

Up to this point, Enjin Coin has gone seemingly under the radar and has been undervalued since entering the market. However, the coin has entered the limelight after developing a suite of innovative solutions that could have a sizable impact on the games market, which already takes in $120 billion per year.

Enjin’s project developers are confident the platform has what it takes to disrupt the industry, and six games have already joined the Enjin Early Adopter Program before the official release of the platform.

Six Blockchain-based Games Using Enjin

While this may sound like a massive undertaking, the six blockchain-based game developers are well-prepared and have collaborated to create a decentralized product that enables players to own assets that can be utilized across all games in the multiverse.

To use the development tools provided by Enjin, developers will need to place an amount of ENJ inside each asset they create. This will benefit games that pool marketing resources, as well as gamers who will be able to use their items in multiple gaming worlds. It is also a huge boost for ENJ, as the price of the coin has increased since news of the ENJ-powered multiverse was covered by VentureBeat.

Enjin’s ecosystem runs on the Ethereum Network, which is transparent, secured, and immutable. Utilizing Ethereum will lock out instances of item theft while placing sovereignty over assets into the hands of the user. Simply put, games will be storing their in-game assets on the Ethereum Blockchain to connect their characters, items, and worlds in a single gaming universe.

The Future Begins Now

Age of Rust, the brainchild of SpacePirate Games, announced mid-August their intention to use Enjin Coin to create the ideal multiverse. In a tweet dated August 14, the studio said:

“Decentralized player-owned game items supported by other games are the next evolution in gaming. It’s the ‘Ready Player One’ type of universe; we’re working with other games to start it.”

This announcement was followed by five other leading game studios revealing that they will collaborate to form the Gaming Multiverse.

Enjin’s Future in the Gaming Industry

Enjin is becoming a game developer haven, enabling those with no blockchain development experience to start creating blockchain-based assets immediately.

As an early project developer, access to the platform is currently free and enables seamless integration of games with the various available multiverse assets. What’s more, the support software is also free. This ease of onboarding has created significant adoption opportunity and seems to be pushing the value of ENJ to a breakout soon after the release of the EnjinX blockchain explorer.

At the time of reporting, ENJ was trading in the green after gains of 5.96%, 5.02%, and 4.96% to the dollar, BTC, and ETH respectively. The gains have pushed the coin to $0.039688 in the last 24-hour trading session, and its price appears to increase as details of the multiverse collaboration unfold. We’d say it’s about time to take a stake in ENJ.


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