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Zilliqa (ZIL) has started the week with good news. Bitplace exchange has announced that they are offering Zilliqa (ZIL). This is a welcome move that adds to the overall accessibility of this crypto in the market, which is great for its long-term value growth. This news seems to have positively impacted on the value of Zilliqa since it is up by over 2% in the day, and looks set to rise even further. As more exchanges continue to list it, Zilliqa (ZIL) will rise even further, especially now that it has a mainnet launch coming up in early 2019.

Outside of the exchange listings, Zilliqa (ZIL) has made some huge moves as it approaches the mainnet launch. For instance, they have beefed up the team so as to handle different tech and business development aspects of the team, as they move towards the mainnet launch. They are making sure that everything is right, before FOMO sets in, as the mainnet launch approaches.

These moves are great for a number of reasons. The most important one is that Zilliqa won’t have any issues on mainnet launch D-Day, which can make the whole event an anticlimax. Such issues were experienced during the EOS mainnet launch, which negatively affected the price, coupled with the heavy bearish market momentum at the time.

The Zilliqa team is creating a fund early Dapps in a bid to creating a fully functional Dapps ecosystem before the mainnet launch. This will ensure that the mainnet will be anchored on solid fundamentals, rather than hype as has happened in the recent past with other projects that have had mainnet launches. In essence, more exchanges adding Zilliqa and a solid strategy as it approaches the mainnet launch, will see Zilliqa continue to make gains over the next few months, and pump hard towards the mainnet launch.

Longer term, Zilliqa is one of the projects that have a huge potential for adoption in real-life applications. That’s because it solves the problem of scalability that most blockchain projects have been unable to solve up to this point. Zilliqa does this by using a mechanism known as Sharding. While there are other projects that are working on Sharding, Zilliqa is more advanced. That’s because it doesn’t just split the state of the network, Zilliqa also splits the transaction history. This pretty much makes it one of the most realistic scaling solutions in the market at this point.

By solving scalability, Zilliqa stands to get adoption in different industries for the launch of complex applications. For instance, it could see major adoption in the finance industry, one of the most lucrative industries on the planet. While there is no way to determine how high Zilliqa can go, it is without a doubt one of the projects to watch in the future. It has the fundamentals to grow in value, even without the hype that is characteristic of most crypto projects.


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